Cookery books for aspiring chefs and those who wish to hone their culinary skills. Vegans and vegetarians will also find something that suits their palate.

    Deirdre Mccafferty: Cornucopia at Home [2008] hardback


    "Cornucopia at Home" contains a selection of the most popular and enduring recipes from the Cornucopia Vegetarian Wholefood Restaurant in Dublin. The restaurant is a household name amongst vegetarians, health...

    Phil Vickery: PORK W9 [2013] hardback


    This celebration of all that is great about pork showcases its fantastic versatility. Chapters cover Shoulder & Ribs, Belly, Loin & Fillet, Ham, Bacon, Sausages and Oddbits (offal), and cover...

    Dominique Buchait: Fromages [2019] hardback


    There are many books about cheese, but this one features the professional knowledge and passion of a French master fromager who shares his expertise on making sense of the many...

    Danny Mena: Made in Mexico: Cookbook [2019] hardback


    Inspired by the best restaurants, fondas, loncherias, and taco stands in Mexico City and adapted for the home cook, Made in Mexico is a delicious blend of classic regional and...

    Robert Danhi: EASY THAI COOKING W26 [2019] hardback


    Cook delicious and beautiful dishes with this easy-to-follow Thai cookbook. Thai cuisine has taken the world by storm its rich combinations of sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavours make Thai...

    Rosalind Creasy: KITCHEN HERB GARDEN W26 [2019] paperback


    From Rosalind Creasy a name synonymous with California's garden-to-table movement comes an accessible guide to cultivating and preparing herbs. If you buy only one herb gardening book, this should be...

    Womens Weekly: Skinny Food [2017] paperback


    More and more it can be a struggle to keep track of our calorie intake when purchasing packaged or processed food. Labelling can sometimes be confusing and it's not too...

    Sumayya Usmani: MOUNTAIN BERRIES AND DESERT SPICE W9 [2017] hardback


    'Wonderfully evocative and ridiculously tempting.' Felicity Cloake In this eagerly awaited follow up to the Gourmand Debut Cookbook Award winning Summers Under the Tamarind Tree, food writer and cookery teacher...

    Hamlyn: HAMLYN QUICKCOOK BUDGET MEALS W2 [2012] paperback


    Hamlyn QuickCook: Budget Meals offers the perfect alternative to elaborate kitchen preparations, expensive restaurant meals or microwave ready-meals by showing you how to use limited ingredients, simple methods and minimal...

    & Hudson Thames: MEXICO A CULINARY QUEST W9 [2017] hardback


    Chronicling a journey of close observation across some of the country's most picturesque states via the medium of 60 entertaining, informative profiles, Mexico: A Culinary Quest captures the essence and...

    Peggy Brusseau: The Contented Vegan [2021] hardback


    'The Contented Vegan is more than a cookbook. This is a practical guide to positive change to benefit future generations - and you'll truly enjoy the tasty dishes' Jane Goodall...

    Luke Mangan: Sharing Plates [2017] paperback


    While traditional dining will always have its place, the shared plate is casual and intimate, friendly and laid-back, encouraging conversation and interaction around the table - and a more relaxed...

    Sue Quinn: Easy Vegan [2015] paperback


    With 140 recipes for delicious non-dairy milks, basic pastries, warming soups and mains, salads, pasta, rice, noodles and sweet things, Easy Vegan has your vegan options covered. It's packed with...

    Caroline Khoo: I'm Just Here for Dessert [2017] paperback


    Desserts tell a story. Even the daintiest macaron take the person eating it on a sensory journey from first look to last bite. For Caroline Khoo this story begins when...

    Callum Hann: I'd Eat That [2014] hardback


    Callum Hann is back with a collection of recipes and sound advice that will give novice foodies the skills and the enthusiasm to become better, more knowledgeable, happier cooks. In...

    Poppy O'Toole: Poppy Cooks: W2 [2021] hardback


    'Makes you want to go skipping into the kitchen to cook' Nigella Lawson'The millennials' answer to Delia Smith' Daily Mail'The poster girl for TikTok cooks' The Times 'The how-to cookbook...

    Gill Meller: Outdoor Cooking [2019] hardback


    In Outdoor Cooking, Gill Meller explains every aspect of cooking out in the open. He will take you back to basics with a guide to building the perfect fire, and...

    Justin Kennedy: BUCKET LIST BEER W69 [2019] hardback


    Finally a beer-centric bucket list! Celebrating beer worldwide, this is a must-have for any beer aficionado. Whether you re planning a pub crawl, a weekend in the country, or a...

    Carol Wilson: LIQUORICE A COOKBOOK W9 [2018] hardback


    Many of us have fond memories of the enticing sweetshop tray of shiny, black, soft, pliable sticks, novelty shapes and intriguing woody `twigs'. Yet liquorice is much more than confectionery;...

    Gina Daly: DALY DISH RIDES AGAIN W2 [2021] hardback


    Instagram sensations and debut cookbook authors Gina and Karol Daly had a massive hit in 2020 with their first cookbook, The Daly Dish. Now they are back with more food...

    Connell Rory O: JOY OF FOOD W2 [2020] hardback


    'What a gift The Joy of Food is. The recipes, the illustrations (which I want to frame), the knowledge are all, indeed, a total joy. Rory is a masterful teacher...

    Neven Maguire: The Nation's Favourite Healthy Food [2015] hardback


    These days, many of us are looking to make a few small changes to our diet to look and feel better. And every day, Neven Maguire meets people from all...

    & Charles David: CONTEMPORARY CAKE DECORATING BIBLE W9 [2011] hardback


    The Contemporary Cake Decorating BibleLearn over 150 cake decorating techniques with The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible, the international bestseller from renowned sugarcraft expert Lindy Smith.This is the ultimate guide to...

    Rene Redzepi: A Work in Progress: A Journal [2019] hardback


    The world-famous chef Rene Redzepi's intimate first-hand account of a year in the life of his renowned restaurant, noma A Work in Progress: A Journal is a highly personal document...

    David Michaels: The World is Your Burger [2017] hardback


    An encyclopaedic, eye-catching tribute to one of the world's most popular foods - the humble hamburger Celebrate the classic hamburger with this unprecedented collection of essays, photographs, and ephemera -...

    Auberon Waugh: WAUGH ON WINE W9 [2019] paperback


    First published in 1987 and long out of print, this collection of Auberon Waugh's writings while wine correspondent at various times for Tatler, the Spectator and Harper's and Queen is...

    Emma Jane Frost: 200 Vegan Recipes [2014] paperback


    Whether for health or environmental reasons, the number of people in the UK opting to follow a vegan lifestyle has soared - there are now an estimated one million vegans....

    Urvashi Pitre: Air Fryer Revolution [2019] paperback


    In this all-new collection of 100 delicious recipes, Urvashi shows you how the revolutionary air fryer makes home cooking easier than ever. Air fryers are taking the country by storm,...

    John Clarke: MEAL PREP KING W2 [2020] hardback


    A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING COOKBOOKReady to make a change in 2022? Lose weight for good with great-tasting, easy-to-cook recipes from The Meal Prep King PlanTogether, John and Charlotte have lost...

    Ranagan Chatterjee: Feel Great Lose Weight [2020] paperback


    THE LATEST BOOK FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE SUNDAY TIMES #1 BESTSELLER FEEL BETTER IN 5'This is not a diet book. This is a whole new way of looking at...

    Masterchef: MasterChef The Classics with a Twist [2018] hardback


    MasterChef amateurs' champions from the last decade choose 100 classic recipes and give each a twist. Take your cooking to the next level with these imaginative takes - some surprisingly...

    Heather Whinney: 100 Weight Loss Bowls [2017] paperback


    The only recipe book you need to create good bowl food that's low in calories and high in flavour.Choose from 100 colour-coded healthy bowl recipes for tasty meals under 300,...

    Sophie Hansen: Made For You: Autumn [2020] hardback


    Made For You Autumn is a seasonal selection of recipes perfect for sharing and celebrating. Filled with clever ideas on how to cook, pack and deliver a deliciously thoughtful food...

    Trust National: The National Trust Book of Crumbles [2018] hardback


    Laura Mason brings you over 50 crumble recipes from the National Trust. Following on from the hugely successful 'National Trust Book of Scones', this is a salute to Britain's ultimate...

    Food Guides Good: Good Food: One-pot dishes [2014] paperback


    A pot of something delicious simmering away on the stove never fails to tantalise the tastebuds. Whether it's a creamy soup, a fragrant curry or a traditional English pudding, there...

    Mike Gibney: Food Through The Ages [2021] paperback


    Written for food aficionados everywhere, this book provides an entertaining look at the history and development of the key foods we eat every day. Mike Gibney, Professor Emeritus of Food...

    Luke Robertson: Keg Bottle Can [2018] hardback


    Keg Bottle Can is a guide to more than 100 Australian craft beers, grouped (mostly) by occasion: from sharing at a dinner party to taking to a barbecue, to challenging...

    Anna Polyviou: Sweet Street [2018] hardback


    Afternoon tea just got a makeover.With her signature mohawk and rockstar personality, Anna Polyviou (aka the Punk Princess of Pastry) is all about breaking the rules, turning the world of...

    Usborne: Children's Christmas Baking Kit [2015] paperback


    A delightful baking kit to make delicious festive treats, from gingerbread houses to sparkly stars, presented in a gorgeous storage box. Includes a baking book with more than 20 delicious...

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