Visible Signs: An Introduction to Semiotics in the Visual Arts


    Basic semiotic theories are taught in most art schools as part of a contextual studies program, but many students find it difficult to understand how these ideas might impact on...

    Surviving the Creative Space: Teamwork techniques for designers


    As a designer you may collaborate with in-house teams, be hired by international clients, work freelance or be the sole creative in a company. Whatever form of creative team you...

    Curating Design: Context, Culture and Reflective Practice


    Illustrated with contemporary case studies, Curating Design provides a history of and introduction to design curatorial practice both within and outside the museum. Donna Loveday begins by tracing the history...

    Editorial Illustration: Context, content and creation


    Across digital and print media, editorial illustrators create visuals to support text and convey ideas, but there is more to these illustrations than meets the eye.Internationally-recognised illustrator and educator Andy...

    Designing for Interdependence: A Poetics of Relating


    Challenging the dominant design paradigm that centres humanity in its practice, Designing for Interdependence puts forward an ecocentric mode of designing that privileges a harmonious relationship between all life forms...

    Everyday Acts of Design: Learning in a Time of Emergency


    From 2016-2018, teachers and students at the State University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil found themselves at the center of a crisis. A new right-wing government suspended payment of...

    Design and the Social Imagination


    How can social theory help us all design solutions to address the social, political and ecological challenges that confront us, and build more sustainable communities? Design professions have typically been...

    1000 CHAIRS H/B


    More than any other piece of furniture, the chair has been subjected to the wildest dreams of the designer. The particular curve of a backrest, or the twist of a...

    Design TPB


    A revised edition of this popular history of design, updated to reflect innovations since the book's first publication in 2016. Design: The Whole Story takes a close look at the...

    The Story of the Bauhaus


    Now 100 years old, the Bauhaus still looks just as fresh today as it did when it began. It was a place to experiment and embrace a new creative freedom....

    Expressive Type: Unique Typographic Design in Sketchbooks, in Print, and On Location around the Globe


    Learn what type can say about a brand or productExpressive Type showcases the work of major international designers working with typography in branding and advertising, packaging and products, environmental and...



    Famous in Belgium since the 1990s for his metal furniture and the interior design of commercial and private spaces, Xavier Lust quickly entered the inner sanctum of international design. Since...



    An intimate glimpse of the artistry of two women whose beautiful, evocative, and carefully curated interiors are crafted from what they find around them.Zoe Ellison and Alex Legendre have created...



    This is the story of the rise and rise of advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi as it has never been told before. With over 200 astonishing first-hand accounts from the...



    Samuel Chan is a multi-award-winning British designer and maker who crafts exquisitely made wooden furniture that uniquely synthesizes Eastern aesthetics with Western design ideals. Embodying a philosophy of design purity...

    Making Trouble: Design and Material Activism


    Making hacks into reality. It engages matter in ways that trespass the boundaries between the civic realm and the state-assigned laws. Even with primitive tools and skills, designing and making...



    For anyone with a serious interest in print, design, publishing and typography, BADDELEY BROTHERS tells the dramatic story spanning four centuries of how the Baddeley family created one of today's...

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