Cast a keen eye on various topics in the world of design. These design books range from the digital, to retrospectives on traditional design and its principles.

    Sara Caldas: Palette Perfect For Graphic Designers And Illustrators: Colour Combinations, Meanings and Cultural References [2021] paperback


    The creative use of colour and its combinations in illustration, graphic and product design involves understanding how emotions are conveyed and how they affect our design and illustrations. We must...

    Tim Neve: Sandcastles [2015] hardback


    In this beautifully illustrated and designed book, interiors stylist Tim Neve explores a selection of extraordinary homes. Five eclectic chapters feature many personal 'sandcastles' inspired by the coast: from the...

    Grant Hardie: Surf Shack [2017] hardback


    In this stylish and light-infused design book, Domino magazine contributor Nina Freudenberger and former domino photographer Brittany Ambridge offer a glimpse into 20 aspirational bungalows, coastal cabins, boat houses, and...

    Robyn Donaldson: All Up In My Space [2023] hardback


    When it comes to styling your home, knowing where to start can be the hardest part.In this beautiful book, the authors and creators of the award-winning blog All Up In...

    Jonathan Glancey: Spring Light [2021] hardback


    This accessible and comprehensive book shines a light on the design history of the famous Anglepoise lamp. Starting with the beginnings of the company with George Carwardine, the designer behind...

    Roberts Gaye Blake: Wedgwood [2017] hardback


    This is the definitive book on Wedgwood, the preeminent luxury china brand in the world and the essence of English design and craftsmanship. Founded in 1759, Wedgwood has a deep...

    Lily B Robinson: Interior Design Research Methods [2023] paperback


    Interior Design Research Methods gives you the tools and skills needed to do research and analysis for human -centered interior design projects. The text develops your analytical skills and helps...

    Jinks McGrath: Metalsmithing For Jewelry Makers [2013] hardback


    Comprehensive and sophisticated in its approach, Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers is the ultimate reference for jewelry makers of all levels. Exploring a wide range of both precious and non precious...

    Grant Hardie: Safari Style Africa [2018] hardback


    Safari is a Swahili word, derived from the Arabic safara, meaning journey. More than a mere holiday, the safari is a spiritual and physical journey, offering an opportunity to recharge...

    Paul Wyatt: Digital Creatives' Survival Guide [2013] hardback


    Take control of your digital media career! When it comes to the web and mobile, only one thing is guaranteed, and that's change. If you're a creative working in this...

    Rachel K. Ward: index A to Z [2014] paperback


    Beginning as a low-budget, oversized fanzine in 1996, index magazine quickly became one of the most influential small publications in the United States. index had a smart and irreverent voice...

    Ars Electronica 2019 [2019] paperback


    Ars Electronica has been following and analyzing the digital revolution and its multiple effects since 1979. Then as now, processes and trends occurring at the intersection of art, technology, and...

    Trust National: Pat Albeck: Queen of the Tea Towel [2018] hardback


    Pat Albeck, who died in September 2017, was a prolific and well-known textile and homewear designer, affectionately known as 'the Queen of the Tea Towel'. Her obituary appeared in The...

    O+a Studio: Food for Thought Truck [2019] paperback


    In the autumn of 2017 Verda Alexander, one of the founders of the San Francisco design firm Studio O+A, brought a team of designers together for a project outside the...

    Nathan Turner: Nathan Turner's American Style [2012] hardback


    With a style that is accessible and chic, Nathan Turner's aesthetic is Nate Berkus meets Colin Cowie and Domino Magazine. Turner's unique approach to design for living incorporates his accessible,...

    Chyka Keebaugh: Chyka Home [2018] hardback


    Chyka Home is an inspirational manual for homemaking, entertaining, styling and crafting. Organised into the four seasons, the book presents creative ideas for entertaining guests and decorating your home, along...

    Ros Byam Shaw: Spectrum (victoria And Albert Museum) [2022] paperback


    A visual analysis of the colours used in furnishing fabrics and wallpapers from the 15th century to now, providing inspiration for designers. This simply structured and highly original book analyses...

    James Orrom: Chair Anatomy [2023] paperback


    A comprehensive design resource that reveals how the iconic chairs of the 20th and 21st centuries have been designed for mass production. Chair Anatomy reveals in photos and illustrations the...

    Sophie Bush: Warehouse Home [2023] paperback


    A global overview of the most contemporary and ingenious - and comfortable - former light-industrial spaces transformed into stylish modern residences. The love of warehouse buildings - often in attractive...

    Claire Bingham: The New Naturalists [2022] hardback


    Twenty collectors open their homes to reveal the weird and wonderful world of natural objects. From the cabinets of curiosity of the 19th century to today's interest in foraged decorations,...

    Natalie Walton: This Is Home [2018] hardback


    This is Home is about simple living - how to focus on our values to create authentic homes full of meaning and joy. Natalie Walton steps inside fifteen homes across...

    Darren Palmer: Easy Luxury [2014] hardback


    Easy Luxury is a sourcebook of stylish and achievable ways to create a luxury look in your home. Lavishly illustrated with photographs of Darren's own interior design projects, ranging from...

    Tim Gill: Urban Playground [2021] trade paper back


    What type of cities do we want our children to grow up in? Car-dominated, noisy, polluted and devoid of nature? Or walkable, welcoming, and green? As the climate crisis and...

    Tyler Adams: SOUND MATERIALS [2016] paperback


    Providing architects, designers, acousticians, engineers, students and creative professionals with a visual encyclopedia of sound-absorbing materials, this book is categorised according to application. Each material includes a full-page profile with...

    Kathryn Best: FUNDAMENTALS OF DESIGN MANAGEMENT [2010] paperback


    The book explicitly places the principles and processes of design within the context of a business or enterprise, explaining how design management can relate to the cultural, environmental, political and...

    Gavin Ambrose: DESIGN THINKING [2009] paperback


    "Basics Design: Design Thinking" teaches the generation of ideas as a practical skill, vital to the creation of successful design. This focus on ideas and methods eschews an abstract, academic...

    Kevin McCloud: Kevin McCloud's Principles of Home [2011] paperback


    New, practical paperback edition of the landmark design manifesto from the UK's favourite design guru. In this inspirational yet also practical paperback Kevin explores all areas of domestic living, from...

    Joyce Walsh: Graphic Design Essentials [2020] paperback


    Learning by doing is the best way to get to grips with new ideas, and graphic design is no different. Weaving together creative strategies and design principles with step-by-step Adobe...

    Pete Barry: ADVERTISING CONCEPT BOOK [2012] hardback


    Now thoroughly revised and updated, this systematically presented coursebook tells you everything you need to know about advertising, from how to write copy and choose a typeface, to how agencies...

    Victionary: Material Matters 02: Metal [2019] paperback


    Materials have the power to affect human experiences and emotions by helping us build intimate connections with inanimate objects through touch and feel. Whether they are used as a point...

    Victionary: Material Matters 03: Stone [2019] paperback


    Materials have the power to affect human experiences and emotions by helping us build intimate connections with inanimate objects through touch and feel. Whether they are used as a point...

    Victionary: Figure it Out! [2019] paperback


    The colourful world of figurines may often be associated with anime fans, movie buffs, and hobbyists, but there is a growing section of graphic designers who are making their mark...

    Victionary: On the Road to Variable [2019] paperback


    On the 16th of September 2016, Adobe, Google, Apple, and Microsoft announced a new update to the OpenType specification that will allow for fonts to be variable. Through this update,...

    Victionary: Flora & Fauna [2018] paperback


    We seek inspiration in nature. The giver of life, it displays complex lines interwoven with each other, comfortable colour palettes, or atmospheres that set distinct moods. Illustration, on the other...

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