From Marx and Engels to some of the world's most successful capitalists and crypto millionaires. Our collection of economics books has something for everyone.

    Lewis Michael: Going Infinite [2023] hardback


    From the #1 bestselling author of The Big Short and Flash Boys, the high-octane story of the enigmatic figure at the heart of one of the 21st century's most spectacular...

    O'Dwyer Rachel: Tokens [2023] hardback


    **Longlisted for the Financial Times Business Book of the Year**---Platform capitalism is coming for the money in your pocketWherever you look, money is being re- placed by tokens. Digital platforms...

    Varoufakis Yanis: Technofeudalism [2023] paperback


    *A GUARDIAN BEST FORTHCOMING BOOK OF 2023*The #1 bestselling economist opens our eyes to the new power that is reshaping our lives and the world.'Utterly accessible, deeply humane and startlingly...

    Malcolm Harris: Palo Alto [2023] paperback


    The true, unvarnished history of the town at the heart of Silicon Valley.Palo Alto is nice. The weather is temperate, the people are educated, rich, healthy, enterprising. Remnants of a...

    Aoife Barry: Social Capital: Fear And Loathing I [2023] paperback


    A David and Goliath story about Ireland's role as prime real estate for the world's largest tech multinationals, and the considerable impact it has had on us as individuals. At...

    Stephanie Kelton: The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and How to Build a Better Economy [2021] paperback

    $6.00 – $7.00

    THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER'Kelton has succeeded in instigating a round of heretical questioning, essential for a post-Covid-19 world, where the pantheon of economic gods will have to be reconfigured' Guardian'Stephanie Kelton...

    Michael Lewis: The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine [2011] paperback

    $7.00 – $15.00

    THE OUTRAGEOUS NO.1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER, NOW AN OSCAR- AND BAFTA-WINNING FILM From the jungles of the trading floor to the casinos of Las Vegas, The Big Short, Michael Lewis's No.1...

    Daron Acemoglu: Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty [2013] paperback

    $8.00 – $19.00

    Shortlisted for the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award 2012.Why are some nations more prosperous than others? Why Nations Fail sets out to answer this...

    Hamish McRae: The World in 2050 [2022] hardback


    'A dazzling history of the future - Hamish McRae has given us a tour de force' Tim HarfordWhat will the world look like in 2050? How will complex forces of...

    Rupal Patel: Can't We Just Print More Money? [2023] paperback


    'If you feel you should understand how economists think but have no idea where to start, this book is the answer' Financial TimesWhy are all my clothes made in Asia?How...

    Johan Norberg: The Capitalist Manifesto [2023] paperback


    Marx and Engels were right when they observed in the Communist Manifesto that free markets had in a short time created greater prosperity and more technological innovation than all previous...

    Linda Yueh: Great Crashes The: Lessons From Gl [2023] paperback


    For the last century, financial crash after financial crash has sent shockwaves through our world. It's time we learned from them. 'Remarkably accessible' The Times _________________There is very little that...

    Erik Angner: How Economics Can Save The World [2023] paperback


    Economics has the power to make the world a better, happier and safer place: this book shows you howOur world is in a mess. The challenges of climate change, inequality,...

    Walt Bogdanich: When McKinsey Comes to Town: The Hidden Influence of the World's Most Powerful Consulting Firm [2022] paperback


    An explosive expose of the world's most prestigious and successful management consultancy____'Panoramic, meticulously reported and ultimately devastating' Patrick Radden Keefe, author of Empire of Pain 'Every page made my blood...

    Tim Harford: The Undercover Economist [2007] paperback


    Who makes most money from the demand for cappuccinos early in the morning at Waterloo Station? Why is it impossible to get a foot on the property ladder? How does...

    Abhijit V. Banerjee: Good Economics for Hard Times: w3 [2020] paperback


    FROM THE WINNERS OF THE 2019 NOBEL PRIZE IN ECONOMICS'Wonderfully refreshing . . . A must read' Thomas Piketty In this revolutionary book, prize-winning economists Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther...

    E F Schumacher: Small Is Beautiful W3 [1993] paperback

    $7.00 – $15.00

    How does our economic system impact the way we live? Does it really affect what we truly care about? Oxford economist E. F. Schumacher provides an enlightening study of our...

    Binyamin Appelbaum: The Economists' Hour [2020] hardback


    The story of the economists who championed the rise of free markets and fundamentally reshaped the modern world.As the post-World War II economic boom began to falter in the late...

    Mariana Mazzucato: The Big Con [2023] hardback

    $23.00 – $40.00

    There is an entrenched relationship between the consulting industry and the way business and government are managed today which must change.Mariana Mazzucato and Rosie Collington show that our economies' reliance...

    Hamish McRae: The World In 2050 [2023] paperback


    'A dazzling history of the future - Hamish McRae has given us a tour de force' - Tim Harford_______________A bold and illuminating vision of the future, from one of Europe's...

    Copeland Rob: The Fund [2023] paperback


    The unauthorized, unvarnished story of famed Wall Street hedge-fund manager Ray Dalio.When Ray Dalio, billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund, announced in October 2022 that he...

    Steven D. Levitt: When to Rob a Bank [2016] paperback

    $8.00 – $16.00

    This is the ultimate guide to the world of the Freak. Renegade thinkers and bestselling sensations Levitt and Dubner have carefully curated the very best of their blogs, conversations, wisecracks...

    Steven D. Levitt: Think Like A Freak [2015] paperback


    In this Freak 'how-to' guide, the mavericks behind the Freakonomics phenomenon teach you their secrets: how to challenge conventional wisdom, unravel life's secret codes and think differently - that is,...

    Reeves Rachel: The Women Who Made Modern Economics [2023] paperback


    THE WOMEN WHO MADE MODERN ECONOMICS tells the story of the women who for too many years have been locked out of the economy with negative consequences for them and...

    Forsythe Michael: When McKinsey Comes to Town [2023] paperback


    **A TIMES AND NEW YORK TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR 2022**An explosive expose of a firm whose work has made your world more unequal, more corrupt and more dangerous.McKinsey &...

    Ha-Joon Chang: Edible Economics [2023] paperback


    RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK Economic thinking - about globalisation, climate change, immigration, austerity, automation and much more - in its most digestible formFor decades, a single free market...

    Mervyn King: The End of Alchemy [2016] paperback


    The past twenty years saw unprecedented growth and stability followed by the worst financial crisis the industrialised world has ever witnessed. In the space of little more than a year...

    Gilder George: Life after Capitalism [2023] hardback


    Author of national bestseller Life After Google and generation-defining Wealth and Poverty, venture capitalist, futurist, and pioneering thinker extraordinaire George Gilder pinpoints how the clash of creativity with power at...

    Christopher Leonard: The Lords of Easy Money [2023] paperback


    The New York Times bestseller from business journalist Christopher Leonard infiltrates one of America's most mysterious institutions-the Federal Reserve-to show how its policies spearheaded by Chairman Jerome Powell over the...

    Share Power: How Ordinary People Can Change The Wa [2023]


    'Lively, intelligent and packed with revelations, Share Power explains how even the smallest of investors can make themselves heard. A copy of this book should be on the desk of...

    Jonathan Sperbr: Karl Marx [2013] hardback


    Between his birth in 1818 and his death sixty-five years later, Karl Marx became one of Western civilization's most influential political philosophers. Two centuries on, he is still revered as...

    Steven E. (University of Virgini Rhoads: The Economist's View of the World [2021] hardback


    Released in 1984, Steven E. Rhoads' classic was considered by many to be among the best introductions to the economic way of thinking and its applications. This anniversary edition has...

    Thomas Piketty: Time for Socialism [2021] hardback


    A chronicle of recent events that have shaken the world, from the author of Capital in the Twenty-First Century "What makes this manifesto noteworthy is that it comes from ....

    Gretchen Morgenson: These Are the Plunderers [2023] hardback


    Pulitzer Prize-winning and New York Times bestselling financial journalist Gretchen Morgenson and policy analyst Joshua Rosner investigate the insidious debt-laden world of private equity, revealing how it leeches profits from...

    Niall Ferguson: The Ascent of Money [2009] paperback


    Bread, cash, dosh, dough, loot. Call it what you like, it matters now more than ever. In The Ascent of Money, Niall Ferguson shows that finance is the foundation of...

    Dk: Economics Book Dk W3 [2012] hardback

    $17.00 – $28.00

    All your complicated economic questions and theories explained by world experts.Economics is a broad topic and if you're not an economist by profession, your knowledge might be limited - until...

    Alexander Zevin: Liberalism at Large [2019] hardback


    The path-breaking history of modern liberalism told through the pages of one of its most zealous supporters. Since 1843, the Economist has been the single most devoted and influential champion...

    John Coates: The Hour Between Dog and Wolf [2013] paperback


    Now shortlisted for the 2012 Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award and the Wellcome Trust Book Prize, The Hour Between Dog and Wolf is a resonant exploration of...

    Joel Bourke: The End of Plenty [2015] paperback


    An award-winning environmental journalist introduces a new generation of farmers and scientists on the frontlines of the next green revolution.When Malthus famously outlined the brutal relationship between food and population,...

    Tom Wright: Billion Dollar Whale [2019] paperback


    A BOOK OF THE YEAR FOR THE FINANCIAL TIMES AND FORTUNE MAGAZINE.The epic story of how a young social climber from Malaysia pulled off one of the biggest financial heists...

    Grace Blakeley: Stolen [2019] paperback


    For decades, it has been easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.In the decade leading up to the 2008 financial crisis, booming banks, rising...

    Adam Tooze: Shutdown [2023] paperback


    FINALIST FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE FOR POLITICAL WRITING 2022 THE TIMES BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2021 'A complex story, which Tooze tells with clarity and verve... The world is unlikely...

    Caz Mooney: Caz Mooney's Irish Budgeting Planne [2023] paperback

    $11.00 – $18.00

    In 2019, Caz Mooney and her family embarked on a Low-Spend Year - a year without spending unnecessarily on takeaways, nights out, new clothes, holidays or extracurricular activities. By the...

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