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    Christopher Clark: Revolutionary Spring: Fighting For [2023] hardback


    An exhilarating reappraisal of one of the most dramatic years in European history, from the acclaimed author of The Sleepwalkers'People embraced each other, shook hands, joy radiated from every eye,...

    Alan Philps: Red Hotel [2023] paperback


    In THE RED HOTEL: THE UNTOLD STORY OF STALIN'S DISINFORMATION WAR, former Daily Telegraph Foreign Editor and Russian expert Alan Philps sets out the way Stalin created his own reality...

    Paul O'Flynn: Go, Johnny, Go! [2024] paperback


    Johnny Sexton dreamed of becoming a rugby legend from the moment he was born. But someone was standing in his way. The Irish team already had a star fly-half in...

    Steiner Guenther: Surviving to Drive [2024] paperback


    **THE INSTANT NUMBER ONE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER**'People talk about football managers being under pressure. Trust me, that's nothing. Pressure is watching one of your drivers hit a barrier at 190mph...

    Porter Max: Shy [2024] paperback


    'Max Porter is one of my favourite writers in the world.' George Saunders 'Beautiful and haunting.' Kevin Barry 'The strangest, most beguiling and affecting of all his books.' Ian Rankin'A...

    Jacob Mikanowski: Goodbye Eastern Europe: An Intimate [2023] hardback


    Eastern Europe is disappearing. Not off the map of course, but as an idea.Today it calls to mind a jumble of post-Soviet states paved over with C&A and McDonald's. We...

    Monica Macias: Black Girl from Pyongyang [2023] paperback


    In 1979, aged only seven, Monica Macias was transplanted from West Africa to the unfamiliar surroundings of North Korea. She was sent by her father Francisco, the first president of...

    P. A. Stroh: Plant Atlas 2020 [2023] hardback


    An authoritative two-volume overview of the distribution of the wild plants of Great Britain and IrelandPlant Atlas 2020 presents the results of field surveys by the Botanical Society of Britain...

    Jens H. Petersen: Edible Fungi Of Britain And Norther [2023] hardback


    A richly illustrated guide to edible mushrooms by one of Europe's leading fungi expertsIn this beautifully illustrated introductory guide, Jens Petersen shows how to successfully identify and forage for edible...

    Joanna Rzezak: 1001 Birds [2023] hardback


    A colourful, fact-filled introduction to the world of birds. Where are all those swallows going? Let's join them on their long journey south and learn about the world of birds...

    Stephen D. King: We Need To Talk About Inflation: 14 [2023] hardback


    A myth-busting explanation of inflation, the desperate gullibility of central bankers and finance ministers-and our abject failure to learn from history From investors and monetary authorities to governments and policy...

    Alex Soojung-Kim Pang: Work Less, Do More: Designing The 4 [2023] paperback


    'A must read for anyone interested in the 4-day week' - Heejung Chung, professor at the University of Kent and author of The Flexibility Paradox'This invaluable book offers a clear...

    Eyewitness DK: Dk Eyewitness Top 10 European Citie [2023] paperback


    Europe's greatest cities - Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome, Venice, Copenhagen, Berlin and Prague - offer an unparalleled introduction to the continent's wealth of world-class museums and iconic sights....

    Eyewitness DK: Dk Eyewitness Top 10 Naples And The [2023] paperback


    While bustling Naples is packed with historic palaces and irresistible restaurants - plus easy access to the archaeological treasure trove of Pompeii - the Amalfi Coast promises some of Italy's...

    Eyewitness DK: Dk Eyewitness Austria [2023] paperback


    Stunning Alpine landscapes, sparkling lakes, art-filled palaces - Austria is a blend of pristine nature and high culture. Whether you want to hike in the alps, visit remarkably well-preserved medieval...

    Eyewitness DK: Dk Eyewitness Europe [2023] paperback


    Discover Europe's diverse culture and beautiful landscapes. Whether you want to spend culture-filled days in world-class museums, enjoy lively nights in buzzing bars, take a lazy seaside break or embark...

    Dk: Timelines Of Art [2023] hardback


    This beautiful book brings you the very best of art throughout history - using a truly innovative timeline-led approach. Savour iconic paintings such as Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper and...

    Dk: Pocket Nature Wildlife Of Britain A [2023] paperback


    Identifying wildlife in Britain and Ireland is quick and easy with this complete practical field guide to the animals, plants, and fungi of the British Isles.The pocket-sized format means Pocket...

    Dk: Lgbtq + History Book The: Big Idea [2023] hardback


    Discover the rich and complex history of LGBTQ+ people around the world - their struggles, triumphs, and cultural contributions.Exploring and explaining the most important ideas and events in LGBTQ+ history...

    Dan Rouse: How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden [2023] hardback


    Transform your garden into a haven for all kinds of wildlife.In a world with too much concrete and not enough greenery, every wildlife-friendly garden can make a huge difference. But...

    Kristin Baver: Star Wars 100 Objects: Illuminating [2023] hardback


    100 objects that capture the excitement, mystery, and mythology of Star Wars.See how these artefacts, and many more, impacted key characters and events. From revered heirlooms such as Darth Vader's...

    Tony Le-Britton: Not Another Jungle: Comprehensive C [2023] hardback


    Obsessed with houseplants? You've come to the right place. This isn't any ordinary houseplant book. In fact, there is nothing ordinary about these extraordinary plants. From growing his own collection,...

    Dk: Herb Book The: The Stories Scienc [2023] hardback


    Immerse yourself in stories and pictures of these useful plants, from herb gardens to remote wildernesses. Herbs have been used by humans throughout history - for cooking, medicine, rituals, and...

    Dk Eyewitness: DK Eyewitness Caribbean (Travel Guide) [2024] paperback


    With over 7,000 islands, the Caribbean has a dizzying variety of natural landscapes, peoples and cultures.Whether you want to join the world's biggest street party in Trinidad, cruise around the...

    Quinn Slobodian: Crack-up Capitalism: Market Radical [2023] hardback


    'Revelatory reading' Adam Tooze, author of Crashed'Fascinating and important ... brings to the surface some of the deepest political undercurrents of our times' Hari Kunzru, author of Red PillLook at...

    Robin Dunbar: How Religion Evolved: And Why It En [2023] paperback


    A fascinating analysis of the evolution of religion from the internationally renowned evolutionary psychologistWhen did humans develop spiritual thought? What is religion's evolutionary purpose? And in our increasingly secular world,...

    Daniel Chandler: Free And Equal: What Would A Fair S [2023] hardback


    'A tremendous book, timely, wise, authoritative and clear' Stephen Fry'A brilliantly eloquent, incredibly insightful reimagining of liberalism' Owen Jones'Thank God Daniel Chandler has written this fine and necessary book' Russell...

    Sofi Thanhauser: Worn: A People's History of Clothing [2023] paperback


    'This riveting behind-the-scenes story of the clothes on our backs is a must-read for clotheshorses everywhere' Harper's Bazaar 'Extraordinary . . . fascinating . . . a wonderful way into...

    Neal Thompson: First Kennedys The: The Humble Roo [2023] paperback


    "Here is that rare thing: an untold chapter in the Kennedy saga. . .Compelling and illuminating."-Jon MeachamBased on genealogical breakthroughs and previously unreleased records, this is the first book to...

    Christopher Hadley: The Road: A Story of Romans and Ways to the Past [2023] paperback


    Have you ever heard the march of legions on a lonely country road? For two thousand years, the roads the Romans built have determined the flow of ideas and folktales,...

    A Price: Untitled Price [2023]


    Raw and unflinching This is a mother's account of her daughter's life And of Katie Price and her turbulent rise to fame Katie Price's life has long been lived in...

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