Small gardens, large gardens, fruits, veg, and herbs - whatever you decide to grow, we've got you covered. Almanacks and guides, for gardeners new and old.

    My Tree of Life


    I have always believed that if we choose the right dream and pursue it determinedly enough, it will come true. It is not a question of if but of when....

    Matt James: RHS How to Plant a Garden: Design tricks, ideas and planting schemes for year-round interest [2019] hardback


    'A thoroughly recommended read if you want your garden to have that designer touch - and to look good all year round' - Alan Titchmarsh 'This book is reassuringly methodical....

    Gardening Together: A month-by-month guide to getting the most from your outdoor space


    Discover the inspiration to get gardening!Create and maintain a stunning and fragrant garden with Ireland's favourite garden designer Diarmuid Gavin and plantsman extraordinaire Paul Smyth as your guides.Find out when...

    Charles Dowding: No Dig: Nurture Your Soil to Grow Better Veg with Less Effort [2022] hardback


    Work in partnership with nature to nurture your soil for healthy plants and bumper crops - without back-breaking effort!Have you ever wondered how to transform a weedy plot into a...

    The Gardener's Almanac: A Treasury of Wisdom and Inspiration through the Year


    National treasure and presenter of ITV's hugely popular Love Your Garden, Alan Titchmarsh brings us his month by month almanac of garden knowledge, facts, advice and inspiration. Here is seasonal...

    Vegetables and Herbs for the Greenhouse and Polytunnel [2013] paperback


    With our unpredictable weather, there's never been a better time to cultivate vegetables under shelter. Experienced grower, Klaus Laitenberger shows how to use the heat and shelter of a greenhouse...

    Heather Angel: Planting for Pollinators [2023] paperback


    Planting for Pollinators is an easy-to-use gardening guide to help you encourage different types of insect pollinators into your garden.Insect pollinators not only bring joy to our gardens, they also...

    Tom Massey: Rhs Resilient Garden [2023] hardback


    Create a beautiful, climate-resilient, sustainable garden that will take your outdoor space into the future.As we live with an increasingly changing climate, summer droughts, winter waterlogging, high winds, erratic frosts...

    World Gardeners: Gardeners' World Problem Solver, Th [2023] hardback


    Even with the best planning and care, every garden can run into a problem or two. Whether you are beset with beetles or blighted by blackspot, The Garden Problem Solver...

    Paul Matson: SowHow [2023] paperback


    SowHow is an innovative grow guide for every modern gardener. With its fresh, bright design and clear-cut know-how, the sleek reissue of this little book provides expert advice and encouragement...

    Harry Tomlinson: 101 Essential Tips Bonsai: Breaks Down the Subject into 101 Easy-to-Grasp Tips [2019] paperback


    Everything you need to know about bonsai care, maintenance, design, and arrangement. With clear explanations of bonsai and what it is, these 101 easy-to-grasp tips have everything you need to...

    Monty Don: My Garden World: the Sunday Times bestseller [2020] hardback


    THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER - BEST GARDENING BOOKS OF 2020 - Sunday Times, Times 'Every page a joy.' Nigel Slater'From a very early age I loved the countryside as much...

    RHS Roses: An Inspirational Guide to Choosing and Growing the Best Roses


    A rose is one of the most beautiful, versatile, and rewarding plants that a gardener can grow, but with over 30,000 different types of roses available to gardeners across the...

    Cinead Mcternan: Grow Your Own Botanicals: Deliciously productive plants for homemade drinks, remedies and skincare [2019] hardback


    Grow Your Own Botanicals brings together an inspiration collection of plants that add beauty, structure and interest to a garden as well as providing an exciting harvest that can be...

    Vegetable Growing Month-by-month: The Down-to-earth Guide That Takes You Through the Vegetable Year [2008] paperback


    Whatever the size of your garden or allotment, you can grow your own vegetables. Even if you only have a balcony or a small paved area outside your kitchen, you...

    Paul Peacock: Grow Your Own Vegetables in Pots and Containers [2017] paperback


    This book is aimed at the majority of us who live in terraced houses, high rise flats, town houses and semi-detached properties with a small garden and often nowhere to...

    Editors Phaidon: The English Gardener's Garden [2023] hardback


    The ultimate celebration of England's most gorgeous gardens, showcasing their enduring appeal from historic masterpieces to individual creations of today The English Gardener's Garden spans seven centuries to spotlight over...

    Martyn Cox: RHS Wildlife Garden [2009] hardback


    Help your child take a walk on the wild side and turn your garden into a haven for amazing wildlife, with the experts at the RHSBy choosing the right plants...

    Jen Chillingsworth: Grow Green [2021] hardback


    Approaching organic gardening can sometimes feel overwhelming. It can be hard enough to keep on top of the weeding without having to worry about using less plastic, avoiding pesticides and...

    Chris Young: RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design [2023] hardback


    Do you long to create the garden of your dreams? Turn ideas into reality with this brand new edition of the classic design bible. Whatever the size of your garden...

    Kate Flood: The Compost Coach [2023] paperback


    The Compost Coach is a colourful, comprehensive and accessible guide to creating the very best compost AKA garden gold. Kate is on a mission to empower readers to understand the...

    Kirsten Bradley: The Milkwood Permaculture Living Handbook [2023] paperback


    What if your habits could create a more meaningful life for you and a better world? The Milkwood Permaculture Living Handbook is your guide to improving your home, health and...

    Alessandro Vitale: Rebel Gardening [2023] hardback


    From urban plots to windowsill pots, grow a city kitchen garden!You don't need a big garden to reconnect with nature. Grow and eat fresh, organic food using nature's own principles...

    Lilies: Beautiful Varieties For Home And Garden [2023]


    The lily is an emotive flower, with cultural connotations of romance, remembrance, love and innocence. It is little wonder that the lily can be found in literature, art and heraldry...

    Orchard: Growing And Cooking Fruit From Your Garde [2023]


    Orchards are one of the oldest and most beautiful types of garden. Forget large commercial orchards and, instead, think of sitting in the gentle shade of a graceful tree and...

    My Tiny Indoor Garden: Houseplant Heroes And Terri [2023]


    Not everyone has access to outside space or what we traditionally think of as a garden, but we all have window ledges, shelves, stairways and unloved spots in our homes....

    My Tiny Flower Garden: Beautiful Blooms In Surpris [2023]


    Think you don't have enough room for beautiful blooms? My Tiny Flower Garden is bursting with amazing ideas and savvy solutions to help you transform any small space into a...

    Matthew Puntigam: The Little Book of Bonsai [2021] hardback


    Bonsai is the art of growing trees in small containers.The Little Book of Bonsai celebrates the secret world of growing and owning bonsai. These majestic, miniature trees are easy-to-grow when...

    Big Veg: Learn How To Grow-your-own With 'the Vege [2023]


    Learn how to grow big veg with Gerald Stratford, the gardening grandad loved by over a quarter of a million fans on Twitter. "I am very grateful for all the...

    Graham Nicholls: Dwarf Campanulas [2006] hardback


    Campanulas have long been a gardeners' favorite, their spectacular summer performance earning them a place in the herbaceous border year after year. Here their lesser-known relatives, the smaller dwarf campanulas,...

    Judy Glattstein: Bulbs for Garden Habitats [2005] hardback


    Where most bulbs books repeat the seasonal approach to bulb gardening by bloom time, assuming the usual fall ritual of mass planting bulbs by the bushel, this book advocates more...

    My Tree of Life


    I have always believed that if we choose the right dream and pursue it determinedly enough, it will come true. It is not a question of if but of when....

    Holly Theisen-Jones: Green Dumb Guide To Houseplants [2023] hardback


    For those who want to take care of houseplants but can hardly take care of themselves, The Green Dumb Guide to Houseplants is the perfect handbook for even the most...

    Simon Akeroyd: Rhs How To Grow Plants For Free: Cr [2023] hardback


    Increase your stock of plants easily and for free by propagating them yourself. RHS How to Grow Plants for Free demystifies the art of taking cuttings and explains the other...

    Holly Farrell: Rhs The Little Book Of Cut-flower G [2023] hardback


    Flowers brighten our homes, our lives and, when they are homegrown, they also brighten our gardens - not just for us, but also for the buzzing wildlife that loves their...

    Ross Cameron: How Plants Can Save Your Life: 50 I [2023] hardback


    Growing plants and (if we are lucky enough) creating gardens is deeply rewarding, but has also been proven to be vital for our health.Gardening helps improve our mood, relax us,...

    Guy Barter: Rhs How Do Worms Work? [2020] hardback


    'This is a lovely book to dip into, and you may even find yourself reading it cover to cover' - the Guardian'An enlightening and entertaining read that will leave the...

    Kay Maguire: RHS Little Book of Small-Space Gardening [2018] hardback


    Make the most of your balconies and windowsills with this handy gardening guide from the author of the award-winning RHS Grow Your Own Crops in Pots.RHS Little Book of Small-space...

    Nick Bailey: 365 Days Of Colour In Your Garden [2022] hardback


    'A beautifully photographed guide for gardeners' - Daily Telegraph'Nick offers solutions for every season' - Country Living'A thought-provoking and beautifully written book' - Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener, Great DixterIn 365...

    Grant Hardie: Australian Dreamscapes [2018] hardback


    In Australian Dreamscapes, Claire Takacs showcases the varied gardens found in the Australian landscape, from lush green oases to semi-arid settings. Claire profiles Australian gardens, gardeners and garden designers who...

    John E G Good: ALPINE PLANTS ECOLOGY FOR GARDENERS - Z [2007] hardback


    "Alpine Plants: Ecology for Gardeners" explores ecosystems above the treeline on mountains and beyond the treeline in sub-polar regions from a gardener's perspective. It looks at the effects of geology...

    The Butterfly Brothers: Wild Your Garden: W2 [2020] hardback


    Turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary for nature and join the rewilding movement today!Introducing Wild Your Garden, a practical guide to rewilding your outdoor space, with advice, inspiration and...

    Richard Wilford: TULIPS - Z10 [2006] paperback


    Species tulips are becoming more widely available as gardeners wake up to their elegant shapes, vibrant-colored flowers, and suitability for growing in containers, raised beds, and rock gardens. Unlike garden...

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