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    Mairead Ashe Fitzgerald: Best-Loved Yeats (Best-Loved Irish Writers) [2010] hardback


    I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams ...Some of the most famous lines in Irish poetry come from the pen of...

    Chuilleanain Eilean Ni: Selected Poems Eilean Ni Chuilleanain [2008] paperback


    A renowned Irish poet, Eilean Ni Chuilleanain has published 7 collections of poetry. Born in Cork City in 1942, her collections include Acts and Monuments (1972), Site of Ambush (1975),...

    The Penguin Book of Irish Verse [1994] paperback


    This anthology of verse illustrates the origins and development of the Irish poetic tradition. From the 17th century to the present day, the poetry of Ireland is testimony to the...

    Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales: Seventeen Tales and the General Prologue [2018] paperback


    This Norton Critical Edition includes: * The medieval masterpiece's most popular tales, including-new to the Third Edition-The Man of Law's Prologue and Tale and The Second Nun's Prologue and Tale....

    Seamus Heaney: BEOWULF [2002] paperback


    Composed towards the end of the first millennium, the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf is one of the great Northern epics and a classic of European literature. In his new translation, Seamus...

    James Conor Patterson: bandit country [2022] paperback


    bandit country, the much-anticipated debut collection from James Conor Patterson, is a rollicking, hyper-literate and at times deeply troubling account of a young man's navigation of the semi-lawless borderlands between...

    Seamus Heaney: Human Chain [2010] hardback


    Seamus Heaney's new collection elicits continuities and solidarities, between husband and wife, child and parent, then and now, inside an intently remembered present - the stepping stones of the day,...

    Micheal O'Siadhail: Tongues [2010] paperback


    Language pervades our world, the media, our relationships, minds and hearts. We learn it and we pass it on. In Tongues, Micheal O'Siadhail delights in language and shares its wonder...

    The Canterbury Tales: Geoffrey Chaucer (Penguin Classics) [2003] paperback


    'Nevill Coghill's easy, seductive translation ensures that this, the most popular work in English Literature - now 600 years old - will run through yet more centuries' Melvyn BraggIn The...

    Amanda Gorman: The Hill We Climb [2021] hardback


    'For there is always lightIf only we're brave enough to be it.If only we're brave enough to see it.'**Sunday Times and New York Times Bestseller**'I was profoundly moved... The power...

    Bebe Ashley: Gold Light Shining [2020] paperback


    In her debut collection of poetry, Bebe Ashley spins gold from the detritus of the internet. A landscape often depicted as a wasteland is illuminated in poems that explore celebrity,...

    Helen Dunmore: Inside the Wave [2017] paperback


    To be alive is to be inside the wave, always travelling until it breaks and is gone. These poems are concerned with the borderline between the living and the dead...

    John Milton: Paradise Lost (Penguin Classics S.) [2003] paperback


    'An endless moral maze, introducing literature's first Romantic, Satan' John CareyIn his epic poem Paradise Lost Milton conjured up a vast, awe-inspiring cosmos ranging across huge tracts of space and...

    Yung Pueblo: Clarity & Connection [2021] paperback


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFrom the celebrated author of Inward comes a new collection of poetry and short prose focused on understanding how past wounds impact our present relationships.In Clarity &...

    Fleur Adcock: Faber Book of 20th Century Women's Verse [1987] paperback


    This anthology of women's poetry is destined to establish a canon by which other, more partial anthologies will eventually be judged. It is at once historically representative, catholic in its...

    Fry, Stephen: Ode Less Travelled, TheUnlocking the Poet Within [2005] hardback


    'One of the many joys of being Stephen Fry's editor is his ability to surprise me,' says Sue Freestone. She knew he'd really done it this time when he revealed...

    Gerry McGrath: A to B [2008] paperback


    "A to B" began as a poem about a journey: it became a journey in itself, a collection that travels through emotions and places, unfolding to the rhythms of discovery...

    Patricia Scanlan: Winter Blessings [2005] hardback


    Widely known as one of Ireland's best-loved writers, here Patricia Scanlan offers readers a glimpse into her own life. In Winter Blessings, Patricia shares her favourite poems, childhood recollection and...

    Cate Kennedy: The Taste of River Water [2014] paperback


    Disarming, warm, and always accessible, Cate Kennedy's poems make ordinary experiences glow. Everything that suffuses her well-loved prose is here: compassion, insight, lyrical precision, and the clear, minimalist eye that...

    Helen Dunmore: Glad of These Times [2007] paperback


    A celebrated winner of fiction's Orange Prize, Helen Dunmore is as spellbinding a storyteller in her poetry as in her novels. "Glad of These Times" is full of haunting, joyous...

    Ian McMillan: Talking Myself Home [2008] hardback


    A regular on Radio 4, he had been described by the Observer as the funniest, quirkiest, sharpest poet, comedian and broadcaster in the business. Born in Yorkshire in 1956, he...

    Jackie Kay: The Lamplighter [2008] paperback


    Jackie Kay's "The Lamplighter" takes us on a journey through the dark heart of slavery. It is both a radio and stage play and a multi-layered epic poem. This edition...

    Micheal O'Siadhail: Globe [2007] paperback


    In his latest collection, "Globe", Micheal O'Siadhail explores how a world is shaped. How do the past and our memories bear on the present? What kind of people help to...

    Micheal O'Siadhail: Love Life [2005] paperback


    In "Love Life", one of our most thoughtful and accomplished poets finds a fresh intensity and reach. In four sequences Micheal O'Siadhail tells of a life in love moving through...

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