Secondhand Art Books

    Barbara Hess: Abstract Expressionism [2020] hardback


    Hailed as the first American-born art movement to have a worldwide influence, Abstract Expressionism denotes the non-representational use of paint as a means of personal expression. It emerged in America...

    Robert Ballagh: A Reluctant Memoir [2018] hardback


    A fiercely honest and unvarnished autobiography from Ireland's most successful and controversial living artist. Making his name as a Pop artist in the late 1960s and 70s, Robert Ballagh quickly...

    Ai Weiwei: 1000 Years Of Joys And Sorrows [2021] paperback


    Through the sweeping, extraordinary story of his own and his father's lives, Ai Weiwei - one of the world's most famous artists and activists - tells an epic tale of...

    Angelika Taschen: The Hotel Book [2006] hardback


    Following up on our "Great Escapes Asia", "Europe", "Africa", and "South America" titles is this volume concentrating on the most extraordinary and tempting Canadian and American hotels. Ranging from funky...

    Gillian Kaye: A Nurse in Conflict [2004] hardback


    In dramatic circumstances in World War ll, Laura Terrington, a QA nurse, is caught up in the 1940 evacuation from Dunkirk. On her ambulance train, she meets wounded Christopher Leybourne...

    Ross King: Mad Enchantment [2016] hardback


    Claude Monet's water lily paintings are among the most iconic and beloved works of art of the past century. Yet these entrancing images were created at a time of terrible...

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