Irish Interest

    The people and events which have shaped the history of our country. Our Irish Interest book collection covers everything from folklore to current affairs.

    James Flanagan: The Lamplighters of the Phoenix Park [2023] hardback


    The Phoenix Park is Ireland's best-known park. Each day, hundreds of people come into the park to work within what is the largest walled park in Europe. And each night,...

    Magan Manchan: Listen to the Land Speak [2022] hardback

    $15.00 – $19.00

    Our ancestors developed a uniquely nature-focused society, centred on esteemed poets, seers, monks, healers and wise women who were deeply connected to the land. They used this connection to the...

    Eoghan Daltun: An Irish Atlantic Rainforest: A Personal Journey into the Magic of Rewilding [2022] hardback

    $7.00 – $11.00

    On the Beara peninsula in West Cork, a temperate rainforest flourishes. It is the life work of Eoghan Daltun, who had a vision to rewild a 73-acre farm he bought,...

    Books Irish Writers 6 Book Mystery Box - New Books


    Get 6 New books by irish writers when you buy the Chapters Bookstore Irish Writers Mystery Box. Chapters Mystery box contains only new books. Free Shipping anywhere in Ireland.  The...

    Ni Riain Noirin: Sacred Rituals [2023] hardback


    The human soul longs for connection. The deepest form of this is connection to a higher power. In Sacred Rituals, renowned interfaith minister and spiritual singer Noirin Ni Riain provides...

    Rozanna Purcell: The Hike Life [2023] hardback


    Roz Purcell is the founder of The Hike Life community and one of Ireland''s leading voices on the value of getting outdoors, and the mental and physical benefits of a...

    John Creedon: John Creedons Irish Folklore Treasury [2022] hardback

    $15.00 – $22.00

    In this people's history of Ireland, John Creedon introduces a fascinating collection of stories from the Schools' Collection. This treasure trove of old stories, ways and wisdom, which could have...

    Manchan Magan: THIRTY TWO WORDS FOR FIELD [2020] hardback

    $10.00 – $22.00

    The Irish language has thirty-two words for field. Among them are:Geamhar - a field of corn-grassTuar - a field for cattle at nightReidhlean - a field for games or dancingCathairin...

    HB Demy: Wild Embrace [2023] hardback


    "From moss to moths, Anja Murray has conjured up an ebullient paean to our surrounding ecosystem - a sensuous celebration of nature.' MANCHAN MAGAN'A hugely important, and simply delightful, book.'...

    Frankie McNamara: Toxic Travel Guide The: Meditation [2022] hardback

    $10.00 – $15.00

    Ireland's Instagram sensation Meditations for the Anxious Mind takes us on a trip around Ireland of the likes you've never seen before, from the trolley-filled Liffey to the glamour of...

    Lady Augusta Gregory: Irish Myths and Legends: Gods and Fighting Men [2022] hardback


    Lady Augusta Gregory's Irish Myths and Legends, or Gods and Fighting Men as it was first titled in 1904, is an essential collection of Irish myths, legends and folk tales...

    Suzy Byrne: Dear Gay [2023] hardback


    For 25 years, Gay Byrne received thousands of letters from listeners all over Ireland. Some of these letters were light-hearted and innocent, but others were more challenging. While many people...

    Lily Seafield: Irish Murders [2015] paperback


    There are violent events and murders in the history of every country and Ireland is no exception. Through the years, it has had its share of violent murders including the...

    Cillian Murphy: Ionbhá: The Empathy Book for Ireland [2022] hardback


    Ionbha or empathy is a core element of wisdom and a universal language of the soul. It brings joy to the everyday, making the unbearable bearable. "We need empathy in...

    Tom & Ruth Burnell: From Gaillimh To Galway [2023] paperback


    Have you ever wondered where your town or townland name came from? Do you want to know more about an Irish locality? Well if so this is the book for...

    Anna Deacon: The Art of Wild Swimming: Ireland [2022] hardback


    Drawing upon the passion and knowledge of the wild swimming community, this is a unique guide to the where, when, how and why of wild swimming in Ireland. Here they...

    Cooper Matt: Who Really Owns Ireland? [2023] paperback


    Leading journalist Matt Cooper examines the key players behind the scenes of Irish property ownership - who really controls the valuable land where we live, work and play and how...

    Lady Augusta Gregory: Irish Myths And Legends Vol 2 [2023] hardback


    Lady Augusta Gregory's collection and translation of Irish folk legends brings, as Yeats observed, 'Ireland's gift of imagination to the world'.Following on from the bestselling Irish Myths and Legends: Gods...

    Lynn Ruane: People Like Me - Winner of the Irish Book Awards Non-Fiction Book of the Year [2019] paperback

    $7.00 – $15.00

    Born into a loving working-class home, Lynn Ruane's early years were idyllic, but all that changed when two shocking incidents in her teenage years shook her to her core. She...

    Kildare Bourke-Borrowes: Lady Mayo's Garden: The Diary of a Lost 19th Century Irish Garden [2014] hardback


    Geraldine, Countess of Mayo, made an exquisite and extremely important garden in Ireland between the years l890 and l925 when she had to leave the family estate. The garden was...

    James Joyce: The Cambridge Centenary Ulysses: The 1922 Text with Essays and Notes [2022] hardback


    James Joyce's Ulysses is considered one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century. This new edition - published to celebrate the book's first publication - helps readers to understand...

    Ryan Tubridy: The Irish Are Coming [2013] paperback


    In the follow-up to his bestselling JFK in Ireland, the Emerald Isle's favourite son delves into his country's past to celebrate the Irish people who through their skills and endeavours...

    Richard Nairn: Wildwoods: The Magic of Ireland's Native Woodlands [2020] paperback


    Richard Nairn has spent a lifetime studying - and learning from - nature. When an opportunity arose for him to buy a small woodland filled with mature native trees beside...

    Lensmen Photographic Archives: The 1980s: Ireland in Pictures [2014] paperback


    The fourth book in the acclaimed series!Ireland's premier photographers, The Lensmen, captured the essence of life in Ireland during the 1980s in their stunning and thought provoking images. This collection...

    Fergal Tobin: A City Runs Through Them [2023] hardback


    Dublin's twenty bridges cross the tidal section of the River Liffey flowing through its centre; they were built over a span of a thousand years. Each has made a contribution...

    Jane Clarke: Windfall [2023] hardback


    What does Ireland's nature poetry say about us as a people? How does it speak to us of our past, our inheritance, the values to which we aspire? What clues...

    Dennis Horgan: This is Cork: An Aerial Journey [2023] hardback


    'These incredible photos show my home place of Cork in all its glory and bring back warm memories.' - Ronan O' Gara, Irish former Rugby Union Player and current Coach,...

    Keys Colm: Chasing Sam Maguire [2023] hardback


    It is almost one hundred years since the Sam Maguire Cup was first awarded to the winner of the All-Ireland Football Championship, the pinnacle of sporting ambition for generations of...

    McGann Kunak: A Hundred Words for Grand [2023] hardback


    C'mere to me!Take it handyGrand stretchSuckin' diesel!Out outA cup in your handBang onJammyUp ye, boyo!How to win friends and influence people, Irish style! A collection of words and phrases to...

    Gill Books: A Pocket History of Northern Ireland [2019] hardback


    The book tells the history of Northern Ireland from the Third Home Rule Bill right through to Derry Girls. Covering all aspects of the beginnings of Northern Ireland as a...

    Christy Mangan: Cracking the Case [2023] paperback

    $8.00 – $20.00

    Christy Mangan knows how hard it is to solve a murder.In his forty-year career, Mangan participated in or led over 100 murder investigations. And he set up the Garda cold...

    Compiled By Tony Potter: A Pocket History of the Irish Famine: The Story of Ireland's Great Hunger [2018] hardback


    The Great Famine, an Gorta Mor in Irish, was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration in Ireland between 1845 and 1852. Often referred to as the Irish Potato...

    Richard Nairn: Wild Water [2023] paperback


    Rivers and lakes are the arteries and beating heart of Ireland. To our ancestors these wetlands were their highways, providing valuable sources of food including fish and wildfowl as well...

    Aoife Barry: Social Capital: Fear And Loathing I [2023] paperback


    A David and Goliath story about Ireland's role as prime real estate for the world's largest tech multinationals, and the considerable impact it has had on us as individuals. At...

    John Scally: 101 Great Gaa Controversies [2023] paperback


    100 Great GAA Controversies is a collection of fascinating accounts from the field with appearances from some famous and infamous personalities, like Joe Brolly, Ger Loughnane, Pat Spillane and Babs...

    Paul McMahon: Island Of Woods: How Ireland Lost I [2023] paperback


    Forestry in Ireland has never been so contentious. Over the last century the area of Irish woodland has increased tenfold, mostly through the planting of imported conifer species; government policy...

    John ODonohue: Anam Cara 25th Anniversary Edition [2023] paperback


    "In this twenty-fifth anniversary edition, you will find John a "soul friend" on your own journey through life, offering support and solace, clarity, and consciousness-expanding narratives that invite you to...

    John Quinn: Daily Wisdom/Léann an Lae: Irish Proverbs and Sayings for Each Day of the Year [2021] paperback


    Proverbs from the Irish language - seanfhocail - hark back to a time when Ireland and its people were predominantly agricultural, poor and Catholic; though centuries old, they are integral...

    Clodagh Finn: Through Her Eyes: A new history of Ireland in 21 women [2022] paperback


    This remarkable book provides an account of the history of Ireland like we've never seen before. Told through the prism of the lives of twenty-one extraordinary women, it offers an...

    David Hare: The Great Lighthouses of Ireland [2022] hardback


    The Great Lighthouses of Ireland is a collection of striking images and fascinating stories about the lighthouses around Ireland's coast and the extraordinary men and women who lived and worked...

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