Secondhand Nature Books

    Eric Dempsey: The Complete Field Guide to Ireland's Birds [2010] paperback


    Eric Dempsey and Michael O'Clery's award-winning The Complete Guide to Ireland's Birds has been continuously in print for almost twenty years. Since the publication of the second edition, many new...

    Tim Birkhead: Bird Sense [2012] hardback


    What is it like to be a swift, flying at over one hundred kilometres an hour? Or a kiwi, plodding flightlessly among the humid undergrowth in the pitch dark of...

    John Boorman: John Boorman's Nature Diary [2021] paperback


    As I step out of the conservatory facing North, supported by my pusher, the first that catches my eye is the dying Sycamore which escapes death every year by producing...

    Mikael Lindnord: Arthur and Friends [2018] paperback


    Arthur and Friends is the continued adventures of Arthur, the plucky, scruffy stray dog from Ecuador who followed his owner Mikael through the jungle to find his forever home. From...

    Andrew Cotter: Olive, Mabel And Me [2020] hardback


    OLIVE & MABEL: two of the internet's favourite dogs!ANDREW COTTER: one of our best-loved commentators.When Andrew Cotter turned his brilliant sporting commentaries from the Masters, the Open, Wimbledon and the...

    William Fiennes: The Snow Geese [2002] hardback


    Snow geese spend their summers in the Canadian Arctic, on the tundra. Each autumn they migrate south, to Delaware, California and the Gulf of Mexico. In the spring they fly...

    John Bradshaw: In Defence of Dogs [2012] paperback


    What would dogs ask for, if they knew how? In the Sunday Times bestseller In Defence of Dogs John Bradshaw, an anthropologist at Bristol University who has been at the...

    Patrick (Y) Barkham: Butterfly Isles [2010] hardback


    Butterflies animate our summers but the 59 butterfly species of the British Isles can be surprisingly elusive. Some bask unseen at the top of trees in London parks; others lurk...

    Benjamin Mee: We Bought a Zoo (Film Tie-in) [2012] paperback


    A film tie-in edition to 20th Century Fox's film adaptation of the heart-warming international bestseller starring Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon and directed by Oscar-winning director Cameron Crowe. An amazing...

    Allen Parton: Endal [2009] paperback


    The remarkable story of Endal, voted 'Dog of the Millennium', and how, through his remarkable skills, companionship and unstinting devotion, he gave Allen Parton a reason to live again. Allen...

    David Attenborough: Life on Air [2010] paperback


    Sir David Attenborough is Britain's best-known natural history film-maker. His career as a naturalist and broadcaster has spanned nearly six decades, and in this volume of memoirs Sir David tells...

    Douglas Adams: Last Chance To See [2009] paperback


    'Descriptive writing of a high order... this is an extremely intelligent book' The TimesJoin Douglas Adams, bestselling and beloved author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and zoologist Mark...

    E. M. Bard: Test Your Cat [2005] paperback


    The perfect gift book for cat lovers everywhere, showing how to measure your cat's intelligence in a series of easy and fun tests. How clever is your cat? Can your...

    Isabel George: The Dog that Saved My Life [2010] paperback


    Five incredible true stories of canine bravery in wartime. For as long as dogs have lived alongside man, they have saved their lives in wartime with their bravery, loyalty and...

    Janie Ritson: Hoping For A Home [2011] paperback


    A collection of unique and heart-warming stories from the life of an RSPCA rescue worker. Janie Ritson shows us the full and wondrous lives of those animals neglected and forgotten....

    Kate Nicholas: Kate and Gin [2008] hardback


    Simon Cowell: 'All my life I've searched for another Lassie and now I've found him!' What's that, Lassie? Worried about losing your title as the world's cleverest canine? Well, you...

    Mark Brownlow: Frozen Planet II [2022] hardback


    ACCOMPANIES THE LANDMARK SERIES NARRATED BY DAVID ATTENBOROUGHFind a world of wonder beyond the ice. 'Looking down at our planet from space it may come as a surprise how much...

    Mr. Peter R. Neville: Boxer [1999] paperback


    The most authoritative, top quality series of practical guides for pedigree dog owners now relaunched in paperback at 6.99 Collins Dog Owner's Guides is a well-established series of superbly illustrated,...

    Pen Farthing: One Dog at a Time [2010] paperback


    'Thick with rolls of gleaming new wire, the obstacle was designed to prevent a suicide bomber driving into the compound's thick mud walls. Today, however, it had only succeeded in...

    Rachel Federman: Test Your Dog [2008] hardback


    The perfect book for dog lovers everywhere - is your dog king-of-the-hill...or run of the mill! Does your dog respond to hand gestures?How about facial signals?Can he perform tricks both...

    Sir David Attenborough: Life Stories [2009] hardback


    A personal view of the natural world 'I dare say my mind would wander over a range of animals remarkable for the extravagance of their reproductive techniques' - Sir David...

    Suzanna Crampton: Bodacious: The Shepherd Cat [2018] hardback


    BODACIOUS: THE SHEPHERD CAT is a heart-warming and charming tale in which Bodacious tells us about life as The Shepherd Cat on Black Sheep Farm. 'I am Bodacious, The Shepherd...

    Victoria Stilwell: It's Me or the Dog [2005] hardback


    Accompanying the hit TV series, Victoria Stilwell provides her successful programme for perfect dog training. Do they ignore every word you say? Have they started coming in at all hours?...

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