Secondhand Irish Interest Books

    James Flanagan: The Lamplighters of the Phoenix Park [2023] hardback


    The Phoenix Park is Ireland's best-known park. Each day, hundreds of people come into the park to work within what is the largest walled park in Europe. And each night,...

    John Creedon: John Creedons Irish Folklore Treasury [2022] hardback


    In this people's history of Ireland, John Creedon introduces a fascinating collection of stories from the Schools' Collection. This treasure trove of old stories, ways and wisdom, which could have...

    Pete Mccarthy: McCarthy's Bar: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland [2001] paperback


    Pete McCarthy's tale of his hilarious trip around Ireland has gained thousands of fans all over the world. Pete was born in Warrington to an Irish mother and an English...

    Simon Kelly: Breakfast with Anglo [2010] paperback


    Simon Kelly's involvement in property development began when, as a computer-mad child in the 1980s, he started making spreadsheets for his father, the developer Paddy Kelly. By 2008, when the...

    David McWilliams: The Pope's Children [2005] hardback


    David McWilliams' brilliant survey of Ireland today is a celebration of success. He takes us to Deckland, that suburban state of mind where you'll find the Kells Angels, those out-of-town...

    J.K. Jackson: Irish Ghost Stories [2022] paperback


    A collection of characteristically playful yet philosophical Irish ghost stories from authors such as Oscar Wilde (The Canterville Ghost), Sheridan Le Fanu (The Child That Went With The Fairies, Stories...

    Eric Dempsey: The Complete Field Guide to Ireland's Birds [2010] paperback


    Eric Dempsey and Michael O'Clery's award-winning The Complete Guide to Ireland's Birds has been continuously in print for almost twenty years. Since the publication of the second edition, many new...

    David Hare: The Great Lighthouses of Ireland [2022] hardback


    The Great Lighthouses of Ireland is a collection of striking images and fascinating stories about the lighthouses around Ireland's coast and the extraordinary men and women who lived and worked...

    Rose Doyle: Letters from Irish College [1996] paperback


    Irish College is a unique rite of passage for Irish adolescents. It is where they first experience the great crack of ceilis, homesickness, the friendships they may keep for life,...

    Taylor Alice: Come Sit Awhile [2023] hardback


    Alice celebrates the special moments and the everyday blessings of life.Come sit awhile with Alice Taylor. Take a little time out - to rest, to think, or just to be.Life...

    Fitzsimons Briana: Black & Irish [2023] paperback


    Covering historic and current figures from the worlds of the arts, sport, business, politics and social activism, Black and Irish will also find space to celebrate everyday heroes-lesser known figures...

    Colm Williamson: Waterford Whispers News 2023 [2023] paperback


    The perennially popular stocking filler is back. All the biggest stories from 2023 and tonnes of exclusive new content, Waterford Whispers style!

    The Irish Insult Generator [2018] hardback


    Have the craic while creating over 6 million uniquely Irish insults to mock the eejits in your life without causing ructionsHas an awful shitehawk ever tried to get smart with...

    Joseph McMinn: A Rich and Rare Land [1994] paperback


    "A Rich and Rare Land" is a lively new collection of poetry and paintings that celebrates the best in Irish verse and art. Works by artists such as Walter Osborne,...

    Anna Deacon: The Art of Wild Swimming: Ireland [2022] hardback


    Drawing upon the passion and knowledge of the wild swimming community, this is a unique guide to the where, when, how and why of wild swimming in Ireland. Here they...

    Alannah Hopkin: Eating Scenery [2008] paperback


    'You can't eat scenery' is an old saying about the difficulty of making a living in beautiful but remote places. West Cork, from Kinsale to the Beara Peninsula and from...

    Declan Lynch: The Book of Poor Ould Fellas [2007] hardback


    The Poor Ould Fella is perhaps the most loved and definitely the most endangered species in Ireland. The Celtic Tiger has, alas, passed him by. As modern life continues to...

    Michael D. Higgins: Causes for Concern [2014] hardback


    Causes for Concern collects some of Michael D. Higgins', Ireland's newly elected ninth president, best and most insightful writing on Irish society, culture, human rights and the larger context of...

    John Creedon: THAT PLACE WE CALL HOME [2021] paperback


    John Creedon has always been fascinated by place names, from growing up in Cork City as a young boy to travelling around Ireland making his popular television show. In this...

    Aoife Barry: Social Capital: Fear And Loathing I [2023] paperback


    A David and Goliath story about Ireland's role as prime real estate for the world's largest tech multinationals, and the considerable impact it has had on us as individuals. At...

    Colm O’Regan: Climate Worrier: A Hypocrite’s Guide to Saving the Planet [2022] hardback


    Bestselling author Colm O'Regan is a worrier. A professional one. Caution is his watchword. Risk aversion is his love language. Now Colm is grappling with the biggest worry of all:...

    Colm Williamson: Waterford Whispers News [2022] paperback


    Waterford Whispers is Ireland's biggest satirical website and entertains hundreds of thousands of people daily with its hilarious take on the news of the day.This ninth annual in the bestselling...

    Eamon De Buitlear: Ireland's Wild Countryside [1993] hardback


    Ireland is a country of infinite variety, from the remote uplands of the Cuilcagh Mountains in the north-east, and the wooded vales and peatlands of the central regions, to the...

    Michael Viney: A Year's Turning [2022] hardback


    Michael Viney and his wife Ethna lived in the city, had successful jobs in the media and had just turned forty when they made a life-changing decision: to give up...

    Paul Kelly: Return to Sender [2023] hardback


    John Hinde was a pioneer of colour photography and one of the most successful postcard publishers in the world. His largest collection of postcards celebrated Ireland. He portrayed an island...

    Ruth Medjber: Twilight Together [2020] hardback


    'A moving and uplifting record of our nation's lockdown' Sunday IndependentThe essential book for 2020, capturing the heart-breaking and uplifting stories that made it a year we will never forgetIn...

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