Secondhand Biographies

    Adam Kay: This Is Going To Hurt W3 [2018] paperback


    The multi-million copy bestseller and Book of the Year at The National Book Awards.'Painfully funny. The pain and the funniness somehow add up to something entirely good, entirely noble and...

    Jean-Dominique Bauby: The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly [1997] hardback


    The diary of Jean-Dominique Bauby who, with his left eyelid (the only surviving muscle after a massive stroke) dictated a remarkable book about his experiences locked inside his body. A...

    Jean-Dominique Bauby: The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly [1998] paperback


    The diary of Jean-Dominique Bauby who, with his left eyelid (the only surviving muscle after a massive stroke) dictated a remarkable book about his experiences locked inside his body. A...

    Edmund de Waal: The White Road [2015] paperback


    ** Book of the Week on BBC Radio 4 **"Other things in the world are white but for me porcelain comes first"A handful of clay from a Chinese hillside carries...

    Lewis Michael: Going Infinite [2023] hardback


    From the #1 bestselling author of The Big Short and Flash Boys, the high-octane story of the enigmatic figure at the heart of one of the 21st century's most spectacular...

    Carlo Levi: Christ Stopped At Eboli [2000] paperback


    'We're not Christians, Christ stopped short of here, at Eboli.' Exiled to a remote and barren corner of Italy for his opposition to Mussolini, Carlo Levi entered a world cut...

    John Stalker: Stalker [1988] paperback


    In 1984, when he was Deputy Chief Constable of Manchester, John Stalker was asked to go to Northern Ireland to investigate the alleged "shoot to kill" policy by RUC policemen...

    James Patterson: Torn Apart [2009] paperback


    Cory Friedman was an ordinary fun-loving little boy. But one fateful March morning in 1989, the course of Cory's life changed dramatically. It started with an irresistible urge to shake...

    Neil Belton: The Good Listener: Helen Bamber A Life Against Cruelty [1999] paperback


    Since she went to Belsen in 1945, to work with survivors of the camp at the age of nineteen, Helen Bamber's life has been devoted to working with people who...

    Cawthorne Nigel: War of the Windsors [2023] hardback


    Telling the story of their lives from children to modern day, this fascinating and revelatory new book will look at the fraught relationship (and fiery rivalry) between King Charles and...

    Fury Paris: How Does She Do It? [2023] paperback


    Alongside the big 2023 Netflix release At Home with the Furys, bestselling author of Love and Fury Paris Fury reveals the answers to the question she's always asked. How does...

    Michael Blastland: Joe [2006] paperback


    A little boy sits at the top of the slide, oblivious to the restless queue snapping behind him. He stares into space...and sings. In a hardware store, he plonks himself...

    Gervase Phinn: The School Inspector Calls [2005] paperback


    Every book tells a story. And the 70 titles in the "Pocket Penguins" series are emblematic of the renowned breadth of quality that formed part of the original Penguin vision...

    Gunter Grass: The Box [2010] hardback


    'Once upon a time there was a father who, because he had grown old, called together his sons and daughters - four, five, six, eight in number - and finally...

    Gloria Hunniford: Next to You [2005] hardback


    This is the story of one woman. But it's not just one woman's story. It's about family. And it's a story that could belong to any one of us at...

    William Styron: This Quiet Dust [2000] paperback


    In This Quiet Dust, the first book of non-fiction by the Pulitzer Prize-wining author of Lie Down in Darkness and Sophie's Choice, William Styron addresses great moral issues with passion...

    Neil Strauss: Emergency [2009] paperback


    With the same sharp eye, quick wit and narrative drive that made The Game a bestseller, Neil Strauss takes us on a white-knuckle journey through America's heart of darkness as...

    Bernadette Bohan: The Choice [2005] paperback


    A truly inspirational cancer survivor's story of an ordinary woman who decided to have a child even though doctors had told her she probably wouldn't survive to raise her. Having...

    Mitch Albom: Have A Little Faith [2009] hardback


    Will you do my eulogy? With those words, Mitch Albom begins his long-awaited return to non-fiction. His journey to honour the last request of a beloved clergyman ultimately leads him...

    I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban [2014] paperback


    *Winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize*'Malala is an inspiration to girls and women all over the world' J K Rowling'Inspirational and powerful' GRAZIA'For sheer inspiration read I Am Malala'...

    Rosemary McCabe: This Is Not About You [2023] paperback


    For once, these men are the objects; I am the subject. Me, me, me.Rosemary Mac Cabe was always a serial monogamist - never happier than when she was in a...

    Joey Graceffa: In Real Life [2015] paperback


    A confessional, uplifting memoir from the beloved YouTube personality. Twenty-three year old Joey Graceffa has captured the hearts of millions of teens and young adults through his playful, sweet, and...

    Karen Blixen: Out of Africa [1999] paperback


    Karen Blixen went to Kenya in 1914 to run a coffee farm; its failure in 1931 caused her to return to Denmark where she wrote this classic account of her...

    Sue Miller: The Story of My Father [2003] hardback


    This is an unforgettable book about fathers and daughters from Sue Miller. In the spring of 1986, Sue Miller found herself more and more deeply involved in caring for her...

    Frank McCourt: 'Tis [1999] hardback


    From the author of the million-selling Angela's Ashes -- the most keenly anticipated sequel of the decade 'The reader of this stunning memoir can only hope that Mr McCourt will...

    Patrick McGuinness: Other People's Countries [2015] paperback


    Winner of the 2014 Duff Cooper PrizeWinner of the 2015 Welsh Book of the Year AwardShortlisted for the 2015 James Tait Black Memorial PrizeShortlisted for the 2015 PEN Ackerley prize...

    Anchee Min: Red Azalea [1994] paperback


    Anchee Min, now a painter, film-maker, photographer and writer, left China for America in 1984. She had been a prize pupil and a model member of Mao Tse-tung's Red Guard....

    Melanie Reid: The World I Fell Out Of [2019] hardback


    The Sunday Times Bestseller From the award-winning writer of The Times Magazine's 'Spinal Column': a deeply moving, darkly funny, inspirational memoir 'It's beautiful - full of love and light -...

    Thomas Lynch: The Undertaking [1998] paperback


    Like all poets, inspired by death, Lynch is, unlike others, also hired to bury the dead or cremate them and to tend to their families in a small Michigan town...

    Dan Marshall: Home is Burning [2015] hardback


    'An incredibly personal story...sad, but unbelievably funny' - Claudia Winkleman, BBC Radio 2 Arts Show'This memoir is gasp-out-loud, offensively funny, touching and a sure thing for anyone who likes David...

    Letters From Lockdown: Famous faces, frontline workers and stay-at-home heroes reflect on the year everything changed [2021] paperback


    Introduced by newsreader, presenter, and Barnardo's president Natasha Kaplinsky, Letters From Lockdown features 100+ letters from celebrity names, COVID heroes, and a diverse range of members of the public, all...

    Alan Bennett: Untold Stories [2006] paperback


    Here, at last, is the astonishing sequel to Alan Bennett's classic Writing Home, updated for paperback. Untold Stories contains significant previously unpublished work, including a poignant memoir of his family...

    Tucker Max: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell [2006] paperback


    Tucker Max drinks to excess at inappropriate times, disregards social norms, indulges every whim, takes no responsibility for his actions, rebels against any authority, mocks idiots and posers, sleeps with...

    Amy Chua: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother [2011] hardback


    A lot of people wonder how Chinese parents raise such stereotypically successful kids. They wonder what Chinese parents do to produce so many math whizzes and music prodigies, what it's...

    Rupert Isaacson: The Horse Boy [2010] paperback


    Rupert Isaacson's The Horse Boy is one family's epic journey to rescue their son.Rupert and Kirstin Isaacson were heartbroken when they learned that their two-year-old son Rowan was autistic. And...

    John McCarthy: Some Other Rainbow [1993] hardback


    On 17 April 1986 a British television journalist was kidnapped in Beirut. His name was John McCarthy and he was to remain a hostage for the next five years. During...

    Malala Yousafzai: I Am Malala [2013] paperback


    I come from a country which was created at midnight. When I almost died it was just after midday.When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley, one girl spoke...

    Shaparak (Author) Khorsandi: A Beginner's Guide To Acting English [2010] paperback


    It's 1977 and life in Iran is becoming unpredictable. The Shah will be overthrown and events are about to take place on the world stage. But for five-year-old Shappi Khorsandi...

    Megan Phelps-Roper: Unfollow [2019] paperback


    'For anyone who enjoyed Hillbilly Elegy or Educated, Unfollow is an essential text' - Louis Theroux'Such a moving, redemptive, clear-eyed account of religious indoctrination' - Pandora Sykes'A nuanced portrait of...

    Stjohn Greene: MUMS LIST W2 [2016] paperback


    The heartbreaking and heartwarming true story of a mother dying of a cancer and the special gift she left for her husband and two young sons - it'll have you...

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