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    Hirmer: Alfred Haberpointner [2019] hardback


    Alfred Haberpointner (*1966 in Salzburg) is a sculptor of international repute. He became famous with his wooden sculptures, and he has subsequently expanded his work to include the use of...

    Hirmer: Beate Passow: Monkey Business [2018] hardback


    In her series of images "Monkey Business" the artist Beate Passow portrays a mysterious fairy - tale world of political dimensions. The black and white images, which upon closer observation...

    Hirmer: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner [2018] hardback


    Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880 - 1938) is one of the most important artist personalities of the twentieth century; many of his works have become icons of Expressionism. Vacillating between self...

    Hirmer: Florence and its Painters [2018] hardback


    Painting re-invented itself during the 15th century in Florence. Artists experimented in an innovative manner with pictorial subjects, forms and techniques and thus arrived at an unprece dented diversity of...

    Hirmer: Focus on Photography [2013] hardback


    Fotografis, Bank Austria's unique collection of international historical photographs, traces the development of photography from its beginnings as an artistic medium to the 1970s. The focus of this publication is...

    Hirmer: Qatari Style [2019] hardback


    Qatari Style investigates the architectural identity of Qatar, which celebrates the warmth and hospitality of the Middle East. The selected interiors are pioneering examples of how new and foreign influences...

    Hirmer: Roland Fischer [2017] paperback


    Roland Fischer was inspired by the current political and social events relating t o the topic of refugees to create a collective portrait consisting of over 1,000 separate photographs. Central...

    Hirmer: Rudolph Leopold [2018] hardback


    In the historical period of new beginnings starting in the 1950s, the collector Rudolf Leopold (1925- 2010), with pioneer - like foresight and a keen sense of art, was able...

    Hirmer: Shadows of Time [2019] paperback


    Giambologna (1529 - 1606) is regarded as the most important European sculptor between Michelangelo and Bernini. How did he achieve this status? This volume investigates this question and examines above...

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