David Grann: Wager The [2023] paperback

    $8.00 – $20.00

    From the international bestselling author of KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON and THE LOST CITY OF Z, a mesmerising story of shipwreck, mutiny and murder, culminating in a court martial...

    Jonathan Glancey: Concorde [2015] hardback


    In Concorde, Jonathan Glancey tells the story of this magnificent and hugely popular aircraft anew, taking the reader from the moment Captain Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier in...

    Simon Heptinsall: 1001 Cars To Dream of Driving Before You Die [2019] paperback


    With a preface from founding member of Pink Floyd, Nick Mason.Prepare yourself for the world's greatest road trip.Strap yourself in for a cavalcade of the fastest, biggest, smallest, most expensive,...

    David Hucknall: The Changing Scene of Merchant Shipping [2014] paperback


    The shipping industry is one of constant, dramatic change. Driven by a multitude of factors, including globalisation, technologicaladvances, the demand for higher efficiency and ever-larger boats, mergers and acquisitions have...

    Geoff & Ian Body: The Galloping Sausage and Other Train Curiosities [2016] paperback


    The formative years of Britain's railway network produced a host of ideas, activities and characters, quite a few of which now seem not only highly unusual, but sometimes little short...

    Helen Babbs: ADRIFT Z25 [2016] paperback


    Journeying along London's waterways on a canal boat called Pike, Helen Babbs puts down roots for two weeks at a time before moving on. From Walthamstow Marsh in the east...

    Bryan Appleyard: The Car [2023] paperback


    More than any other technology, cars have transformed our culture. Cars have created vast wealth as well as novel dreams of freedom and mobility. They have transformed our sense of...

    Kindersley Dorling: The Train Book [2014] hardback


    This glorious visual celebration of train travel keeps you on the right track with stop-offs at the most important and incredible rail routes from all over the world.Your first stop...

    Robert N. Pripps: Big Tractors [2005] paperback


    Nothing appeals to a tractor lover more than a big tractor. In 150 brilliant full-colour photos, author Robert Pripps, one of the world's most respected tractor historians, presents 50 of...

    Alex Elliott: Build Your Own Drone Manual [2016] hardback


    Today, drones are increasingly used for commercial and private enthusiast use, as well as for well-documented military operations. There is now a wide variety of 'ready-to-fly' drones and self-build kits...

    Bill Munro: Fx4 Black Cab Manual [2012] hardback


    Part of a new range of Enthusiast Manuals from Haynes, this book traces the history and development of the ubiquitous Austin FX4 London Taxi, built between 1958 and 1997. From...

    MINIATURE MERCHANT SHIPS [1997] hardback


    Building 1/1200 scale ship models is a branch of ship modelling with, among other things, the advantage that a varied collection of models demonstrating, for example, changes and progress in...

    Simon Heptinstall: The Car Miscellany [2019] hardback


    A collection of entertaining trivia about our favourite mode of transport. Did you know that the Hennessey Venom F5 is the world's fastest road car, with an official top speed...

    Martin Roach: The Science Of Supercars [2018] hardback


    Trace the evolution of the supercar through the technology that drives it.With an introduction by David Coulthard.This is the definitive story of the science behind the art of supercar design....

    Conrad Waters: Seaforth World Naval Review [2022] hardback


    For over a decade this annual has provided an authoritative summary of all that has happened in the naval world in the previous twelve months, combining regional surveys with one-off...

    Manuals Haynes: Messerschmitt Bf109 Manual [2016] paperback


    NEW IN PAPERBACK. The Luftwaffe's Messerschmitt Bf109 single-seat fighter was the main combat adversary of the RAF's Hurricanes and Spitfires in the Battle of Britain. This sister volume to the...

    Andrew Noakes: 100 Years of Bentley [2019] hardback


    One of the most recognised and revered car brands, Bentley celebrates its centenary in 2019. In conjunction with the Bentley Drivers Club and the W.O. Bentley Memorial Foundation, 100 Years...

    Peter Grimsdale: High Performance: When Britain Ruled the Roads [2020] paperback


    'A band of stubborn pioneers rose from the embers of Britain's cities after the war and created the finest automobiles the world had ever seen... High Performance tells the exhilarating...

    Peter Waller: Regional Tramways - Wales, Isle of Man and Ireland, Post 1945 [2018] hardback


    This is the latest book, in a series that covers the history of Britain's post war tram systems, this volume covers the networks in Wales,the Isle of Man and Ireland.Peter...

    Railway Board British: The Reshaping of British Railways [2013] hardback


    The Reshaping of British Railways is a piece of railway history every dedicated enthusiast will want in their collection. Bradshaw's Guide has given birth to a wave of nostalgia for...

    Gordon Boyd: Reeds Vol 16: Electrical Power Systems for Marine Engineers [2020] paperback


    Within the marine and offshore industry, there is a clear and growing need for increased training and education on the use of electrical power systems. The number of electrical plant...

    Jack Simmons: The Victorian Railway [2009] paperback


    The railway was the creation - in some ways the archetypal creation - of the Victorian age. It transformed the whole social and intellectual fabric of Britain, affected Victorian thought...

    Erik Larson: Dead Wake [2015] paperback

    $8.00 – $18.00

    On 1 May 1915, a luxury ocean liner as richly appointed as an English country house sailed out of New York, bound for Liverpool. The passengers - including a record...

    Star White: Concept Cars: Sixteen Frameable Prints [2014]


    Two archival-quality boxes designed to house sixteen stunning illustrated plates each. One featuring extraordinary pictures of the leading Concept Car models, and the other dedicated to legendary Harley Davidson models....

    Riccardo Niccoli: Aircraft: Pocket Book [2013] hardback


    The pages of this book illustrate the history of the most famous and important aircraft of the last 100 years, to provide readers with an overview of the incredible progress...

    Franco Tanel: Trains: Pocket Book [2013] hardback


    A book for enthusiasts, but also for those who simply wish to know the history of a means of transport that revolutionised the history of humanity from its invention in...

    Star White: Harley Davidson [2008] hardback


    Motorcycles evoke a romantic image of freedom; of cruising unencumbered down a highway towards unlimited possibilities. Songs have been written about them, fashion has been inspired by them, movies stars...

    Valeria. M De Fabianis: Motorcycles [2008] hardback


    An exciting addition to White Star's MiniCubeBook series, this irresistible, chunky little compendium spotlights a vast range of the world's most important and influential motorcycle design.

    Fabianis Valeria De: Mini Cubebook Cars [2008] hardback


    Building on the ongoing success of the "CubeBook" series, White Star has condensed the chunky format of the traditional "CubeBook" format to present the "MiniCube" series. These small format volumes...

    Valeria Manferto de Fabianis: Motorcycles CubeBook [2007] hardback


    This book is a compact portfolio of images showcasing the world's finest motorcycles. An exciting addition to White Star's bestselling "CubeBook" series, this handsome, hefty little compendium spotlights a vast...

    Star White: Great Book of Automobiles [2006] hardback


    This series brings together in a single work three books dedicated to the automobile and its history. They concentrate on the men and vehicles that have left their mark on...

    Dag Rogge: Land Rover Experience Tour [2018] hardback


    Crossing borders, expanding horizons, and discovering unchartered terrain: for 70 years, Land Rover has championed adventure. The legendary Land Rover Experience Tour is a paradigm of exploration and discovery, marking...

    Teneus: Soul Fuel [2018] hardback


    Presenting 17 international customisers and their interpretations of the BMW R nineT, Soul Fuel reveals a new approach to customising.A custom bike is, above all: unique. The subculture of the...

    Teneues: The Ferrari Book [2017] hardback


    Success is not founded on miracles, but is almost always the product of a clear concept - the pinnacle of an ambitious, even stridently innovative idea. However, the aura of...

    Taschen: Build Your Own Titanic [2012] paperback


    One fateful night, a century ago...This is a 100th anniversary scale model of the Titanic to build yourself. Calling all Titanic buffs, hobbyists, and ship lovers: you're invited to build...

    teNeues: The BMW Book [2012] hardback


    Known for its prefect synthesis of style and technology, BMW is one of the most influential manufacturers anywhere. This compelling volume chronicles its evolution in eight chapters ranging from bicycles...

    Jim Heimann: Automobile Design Graphics [2016] hardback


    In the heyday of the automobile, marketing cars was an exacting process. Selling the public one of their major life purchases involved not only traditional advertising but also a crucial...

    Lawrence Ayerrad: Supersonic [2018] hardback


    When the first commercial Concordes zoomed off the runways in Paris and London in the late 1960s, crossing the Atlantic in just under three hours, they established a new standard...

    Raoul Fiebig: The Great Passenger Ships of the World [2019] hardback


    The eighth edition of the Kludas guide to passenger ships is once again a highly reliable reference work an absolute must-have for fans of ships and cruises! Passenger ships from...

    Dieter Castenow: CARS: Driven By Design [2018] hardback


    The sports cars of the 1950s to the 1970s are fast, beautiful, eccentric and innovative. In recent decades these automobiles not only became coveted collector's items; they also enjoy cult...

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