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    Patrick Kielty did a fantastic job on this years toy show, lets take a look at this years books.

    Aoife Dooley: Finding My Voice [2023] paperback

    $8.00 – $12.00

    A two-colour graphic novel about speaking-up and standing out when you feel different. Perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier How do you find your voice when everyone around you is...

    Ryan Ellen: Gods Don't Cry [2023] hardback


    Ancient stories that challenge modern notions of what it means to be a hero. The ancient gods of Ireland were once worshipped throughout the land. Powerful and brave, they were...

    Gill: The Great Big Irish Annual 2024 [2023] hardback


    The Great Big Irish Annual 2024 is packed with lots of fun things to make and do, puzzles, colouring, crazy facts and much, much more. Build a CATAPULT in our...

    Forde Leona: Milly McCarthy and the Irish Dancing Disaster [2023] paperback


    It really isn't my fault that Mrs Katherine De Burca will never be able to judge a competition again, not with post-traumatic stress disorder. And it's also not my fault...

    Sarah Bowie: Kevin's In A Mood [2023] hardback


    Suzy and Kevin are best friends. They do everything together! Until one day, Kevin's in a Mood. Suzy tries everything to cheer him up - she tells him jokes and...

    Lucinda Jacob: I am the Wind: Irish Poems for Children Everywhere [2023] hardback


    A fully illustrated collection of Irish poems, ranging from medieval to modern poems in English and Irish, edited by Lucinda Jacob and Sarah Webb and illustrated by Ashwin Chacko. This...

    Dungan Myles: The Forgettables [2023] hardback


    You won't find Mary Robinson, Ernest Shackleton or Rory McIlroy in this volume -- they are among the unforgettables who have shaped Irish life. Instead, meet some fascinating, Irish people...

    Fitzsimons Briana: Black & Irish [2023] paperback

    $12.00 – $16.00

    Covering historic and current figures from the worlds of the arts, sport, business, politics and social activism, Black and Irish will also find space to celebrate everyday heroes-lesser known figures...

    Sydney Smith: Do You Remember? [2023] hardback


    From the Double Kate Greenaway Medal-winning creator of Small in the City and illustrator of Town Is by the Sea, Footpath Flowers, I Talk Like a River and My Baba's...

    Nolan Alan: Double Trouble at the Dead Zoo [2023] paperback


    Dublin, 1859Bram Stoker: Boy seeking adventure (and things to write about)Molly Malone: Part-time sneak thief and full-time Dublin legend!When Bram and his best pal Molly meet a lonely boy called...

    Clement C. Moore: 'twas The Night Before Christmas [2023] paperback


    The classic Christmas verse delightfully reimagined in a gorgeous picture book from the highly acclaimed author and illustrator P.J. Lynch."'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not...

    Jenny Ireland: The First Move [2023] paperback

    $7.00 – $13.00

    Juliet believes girls like her - girls with arthritis - don't get their own love stories. She exists at the edges of her friends' social lives, skipping parties to play...

    Ashwin Chacko: Wild City [2023] hardback


    Meet the curious and brave Lilly and Tim. The city is their adventure playground. Dive into their world, and with a * click, clap, zap * the boring turns spectacular...

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