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    James Joyce: Ulysses (Wordsworth Classics) [2010] mass_market


    With a new Introduction by Cedric Watts, Research Professor of English, University of Sussex.James Joyce's astonishing masterpiece, Ulysses, tells of the diverse events which befall Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus...

    James Joyce: Finnegans Wake (Wordsworth Classics) [2012] paperback


    FinnegansWake is the book of Here Comes Everybody and Anna Livia Plurabelle andtheir family - their book, but in a curious way the book of us all as well asall...

    James Joyce: The Little Review "Ulysses" [2015] paperback


    James Joyce's Ulysses first appeared in print in the pages of an American avant-garde magazine, The Little Review, between 1918 and 1920. The novel many consider to be the most...

    James Joyce: The Cambridge Centenary Ulysses: The 1922 Text with Essays and Notes [2022] hardback


    James Joyce's Ulysses is considered one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century. This new edition - published to celebrate the book's first publication - helps readers to understand...

    James Joyce: Dubliners [1993] paperback


    Introduction and Notes by Laurence Davies, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.Living overseas but writing, always, about his native city, Joyce made Dublin unforgettable. The stories in Dubliners show us truants, seducers,...

    James Joyce: The Complete Novels of James Joyce (Wordsworth Library Collection) [2012] hardback


    This collection comprises of Joyce's three novels, plus the short story collection Dubliners.Dubliners, about Joyce's native city, is faithful to his country, seeing it unflinchingly and challenging every precedent and...

    James Joyce: Dubliners (Collector's Edition) (Wordsworth Collector's Editions) [2021] hardback


    Living overseas but writing, always, about his native city, Joyce made Dublin unforgettable. The stories in Dubliners show us truants, seducers, gossips, rally-drivers, generous hostesses, corrupt politicians, failing priests, amateur...

    James Joyce: Ulysses: Annotated Edition [2017] paperback


    Controversial, scandalous, erudite and funny, Ulysses is undisputedly a landmark of twentieth-century modernism. It charts one day - 16th June 1904 - in the lives of three inhabitants of Dublin:...

    James Joyce: Ulysses [2022] paperback


    Celebrating 100 Years of Joyce's masterpiece The authoritative Hans Walter Gabler text; with a new introduction by Anne Enright. Set entirely on one day, 16 June 1904, Ulysses follows Leopold...

    James Joyce: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (Wordsworth Classics) [1992] paperback


    With an Introduction and Notes by Dr. Jacqueline Belanger, University of Cardiff.A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man represents the transitional stage between the realism of Joyce's Dubliners...

    Paddy Reilly: Paddy Reilly: From The Fields of Athenry to The Dubliners and Beyond [2022] hardback


    Patrick 'Paddy' Reilly is an Irish folk singer and guitarist. Born in Rathcoole, County Dublin, he is one of Ireland's most famous balladeers and is best known for his renditions...

    James Joyce: Giacomo Joyce: Faber Stories [2019] paperback


    Faber Stories, a landmark series of individual volumes, presents masters of the short story form at work in a range of genres and styles. This heart is sore and sad....

    Ulysses Unbound: A Reader's Companion to James Joyce's Ulysses [2022] paperback


    Ulysses is one of the foundational texts of modern literature, yet has a reputation for complexity and controversy. In Ulysses Unbound, Joyce expert Terence Killeen untangles this seemingly knotty classic...

    James Joyce: Ulysses: James Joyce (Penguin Clothbound Classics) [2022] hardback


    The greatest novel of the twentieth century, now in a beautiful Clothbound Classics centenary edition Following the events of one single day in Dublin, the 16th of June 1904, and...

    James Joyce The Irish Writers [2022]


    Irish novelist, short-story writer and poet, James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (1882-1941) is regarded as one of the greatest, most innovative literary talents of the twentieth century. Joyce revolutionised the structure...

    James Joyce: Ulysses [1993] paperback


    When Ulysses was first published was first published Jmes Joyce wrote 'I am extremely irritated by all the printer's errors'. Are these to be perpetuated in future editions? I hope...

    Gordon Bowker: James Joyce [2011] hardback


    In almost every recent poll, Ulysses has been acclaimed the greatest novel of the twentieth century. It is generally regarded as one of the outstanding landmarks of literary modernism, as...

    James Joyce: Dubliners [2012] hardback


    Dubliners is a wonderfully engaging and accessible collection of stories by James Joyce, an author famed for being difficult to read. It contains fifteen stories, among them The Dead, made...

    James Joyce: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [2024] paperback


    'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man begins with one of the most arresting opening sentences in literature' Patrick McGuinness, from his Preface.A Portrait first appeared in instalments...

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