Children's reference books, for the child in your life with an inquisitive mind. Facts and figures on everything from football and mythology to war and history

    Dk: I Can Do That! [2023] hardback


    Kids will be able to say "I can do that!" after reading this value-packed resource dedicated to learning independent life skills."Really great. I've been waiting for a book like this...

    Dk: Space Activity Lab [2023] hardback


    Discover the wonders of our incredible Universe.This fun, fact-filled book is brimming with exciting outdoor experiments to help budding astronomers aged 9+ explore the secrets of space. Using household items,...

    Jessica Farrell: How to Build LEGO Animals [2023] hardback


    Discover how to build your own awesome LEGO (R) Animals!Be inspired by 30 incredible LEGO animals, from a roaring lion to a multi-coloured turtle. Embark on an imaginative building journey...

    Dk: Crystal and Gem [2023] hardback


    From the rarest crystal to the most common stone, gems from around the world are revealed in dazzling detail in this illustrated guide. Become an eyewitness to the many different...

    Dk: Sticker Encyclopedia Things That Go [2023] paperback


    A fantastic selection of facts and more than 600 different stickers to keep children entertained for hours. In this exciting, fact-filled and interactive encyclopedia, children aged 5-7 will discover all...

    Dk: My Very Important Human Body Encyclopedia [2023] hardback


    This exciting introduction to the human body is brimming with super senses, marvellous medicine, and record-breaking feats.The world is so much bigger than young minds can fathom and there is...

    Kristie Pickersgill: Little First Stickers Bunnies [2021] paperback


    Help the busy bunnies get ready for Easter. Whether it's baking tasty treats, hunting for Easter eggs, planting colourful spring flowers, or making Easter bonnets, there are lots of exciting...

    Fiona Watt: Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Carnival [2020] paperback


    A delightful addition to the Little Dolly Dressing series, featuring a range of fun-filled carnival scenes. Use the stickers to dress the dolls and decorate the pages.

    Katie Daynes: Very First Questions And Answers Are Dinosaurs Real? [2021]


    We see dinosaurs on TV and in books, but where have all the REAL ones gone? How BIG were they? Did they have feathers? What did they eat? And how...

    Usborne: Little Lift and Look Under the Sea [2020]


    Who can you find under the sea? Follow a little turtle through a coral reef and lift seaweed, sea grass and anemones to meet colourful seahorses, a clownfish and her...

    Usborne: First Sticker Book Bugs [2017] paperback


    Butterflies, dragonflies, caterpillars, spiders - the world is full of amazing bugs of all shapes and sizes. Find out which ones live in jungles, deserts, swamps and gardens by adding...

    Fiona Watt: Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Mermaid [2016] paperback


    An enchanting little sticker book full of mermaids for young children to dress. With over 200 stickers of sparkly mermaid tails, friendly sea creatures, shell jewellery and seaweed skirts to...

    Rivera Camila: Rebel Girls All Things Friendship [2024] paperback


    Celebrate old friends, make new ones, and learn how to navigate sticky friendship situations with this fun and helpful guidebook.Good friends make you laugh until your stomach hurts, support you...

    Cooper Rosie: The Brainiac's Book of the Body and Brain [2024] hardback


    What makes your body work? Is it all in your mind? Sort of! Take a tour of the human body from head to toes and everything in between. Aimed at...

    Dk: What's the Point of Art? [2024] hardback


    Get ready for a fun-filled journey through art, and discover why we make it and why it matters.What's the Point of Art? reveals how art has changed the world, one...

    Pixley Pippa: Make Art with Nature [2024] hardback


    Artist Pippa Pixley shows children how to make amazing art with materials found in nature in this hands-on book.Get creative and make incredible pieces of art using rocks, wood, berries,...

    Alex Frith: My Very First Dinosaurs Book [2016]


    They hunt! They eat! They fight! This charmingly illustrated book is a perfect way for little children to find out about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, from the horned Triceratops...

    Chavez Sarah: We Need to Talk About Death [2024] paperback


    An educational book that helps grieving children understand what happens when we die, and celebrates the traditions people around the world use to honour the dead.Death is an important part...

    Paul O'Flynn: King Henry [2024] paperback


    There are parts of Ireland where hurling is life. Luckily for young Henry Shefflin, his home village of Ballyhale in County Kilkenny is one such place. Henry is from a...

    Montgomerie Claire: Easy Crochet for Kids [2024] paperback


    Easy Crochet for Kids will help you teach your children the basics of crochet in a clear way that's certain not to leave them in a tangle.Claire Montgomerie steps away...

    Broadbent Rick: Super Sports Stars Who Are Changing the Game [2024] paperback


    Discover the stories of 20 sportspeople who are pushing the limits of their game and helping to make our world a better place.Discover 20 incredible true stories of sporting legends....

    Dk: My Book of Horses and Ponies [2024] hardback


    An exciting first guide to the magnificent world of horses.Learn all about horses, from how to care for them to how to ride one, in this informative children's guide to...

    Terry Deary: Horrible Christmas [2000] hardback


    Horrible Christmas is an alternative look at the festive season. It's full of facts on foul but festive food, curious Christmas customs and cruel yule disasters. Read seasonal stories to...

    Balding Clare: Animal All-Stars [2024] paperback


    A HILARIOUS GUIDE TO THE ANIMAL KINGDOM WHERE YOUR FAVOURITE ANIMALS GO HEAD-TO-HEADThe athletes have arrived. The excitement is building. Grab your popcorn and get ready to witness the most...

    AB Mojang: Minecraft Combat Handbook - Updated Edition [2015] hardback


    Check out the brand new series of official Guides. The first four titles in the series, Guide to Exploration, Guide to Creative, Guide to Redstone and Guide to the Nether...

    Long David: Around the World in 80 Buildings [2024] hardback


    Where can you eat dinner under the sea? Which country has the most pyramids? Can a church become a swimming pool?Including a stunning central gatefold map that opens out to...

    Children's Mortimer: The Essential Taylor Swift Fanbook [2024] hardback


    Calling all Swifties! This brand new, fully up to date book has everything that fans need to know about Taylor Swift. Follow her journey from country music sensation to global...

    Roger Lancelyn Green: Tales of the Greek Heroes [1994] paperback


    This book presents the great stories of the heroic age - "Dionysus", "Heracles", "Theseus", "The Quest for the Golden Fleece", and many more.

    Rob Elliott: Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids [2010] paperback


    Over 2 million sold!USA TODAY bestseller!Wall Street Journal bestseller!What happens to race car drivers when they eat too much? They get indy-gestion. Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids provides children ages 7-10...

    Earth and Space [2001] paperback


    Discover the latest information about Planet Earth and the Solar System in this superbly illustrated title. An ideal revision tool, this book also contains activities and Usborne-recommended Web sites designed...

    Usborne: Tudor Fashion to Colour [2016] paperback


    Discover the extravagant fashions of the Tudor period, from the richly embroidered gowns and silk breeches of Henry VIII's court to the flamboyant ruffs of Shakespearean London. The intricate designs...

    Terry Deary: Horrible Histories Special: Ireland [2000] paperback


    The Horrible History of Ireland tells you about centuries of dreadful deeds, from cruel Celtic chieftains and suffering saints to the troubled 20th century. Want to know: why wax models...

    Nick Arnold: Horrible Science: Bulging Brains [2002] paperback


    Science with the squishy bits left in! 'Bulging Brains' will blow your mind! Get your brain cells buzzing as you discover what a fresh brain really smells like; why chopping...

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