Children's reference books, for the child in your life with an inquisitive mind. Facts and figures on everything from football and mythology to war and history

    Grace Jones: Men Who Changed the World [2018] hardback


    From lightbulbs to literature, who are the famous fellas who literally light up our lives? Over time, men have shaped and changed everything from sports to science, politics to peace,...

    Beth Cox: Find Your Power! [2019] paperback


    Empowering children to tap into the power of their minds promotes healthy self-esteem. Following tried and tested techniques, children will learn to build empathy and find their inner power. From...

    Small B: A-maze-ing Natural Phenomena [2018] paperback


    Uncover the magic in nature and be inspired by the science behind these seven natural phenomena. From rainbows and volcanoes, to bioluminescent waves and flowers flourishing in dry, arid deserts,...

    Cathrine Bruzzone: Rebel Women [2018] paperback


    Clothes tell stories of power, of oppression, of celebration and of tragedy - discover the lives of 16 strong women through the clothing of their time. Press out the paper...

    Susan Martineau: Science Experiments at Home [2018] paperback


    Explore the science in everyday life with these simple, step-by-step experiments to do around the home. Each activity takes a complex, scientific concept and makes it easy for kids to...

    Sam Hutchinson: My Family Tree Book [2017] paperback


    All families are unique! The simple questions on the pages of this book encourage children to discover the personal connections that make their family their own. Mindful of our differences,...

    Sam Hutchinson: All About Me [2017] paperback


    Simple questions encourage children to think about themselves, their family, friends and their life. From favourite hobbies to dreams for the future, children will enjoy taking a written snapshot of...

    Anne Rooney: Story Of Planet Earth [2022] hardback


    A wonderful introduction to planet earth for young readers.

    Liz Miles: The Dangerous Book of Dinosaurs [2020] paperback


    An exciting introduction to the story of the dinosaurs, from their early evolution to their extinction.

    Claudia Martin: Children's First Dinosau [2021] hardback


    Bursting with fun facts and age appropriate information, each spread features a different dinosaur, along with simple text in big type that is perfect for little kids.

    Claudia Martin: Children's First Animal [2020] hardback


    Colourful fact boxes and easy-to-understand text makes this animal encyclopedia perfect for the youngest of readers.

    Elena Veronesi: My Communion Album [2018] hardback


    The sacrament of the Communion, following a course of catechism, is a central moment for young Christians who approach the fullness of their life of faith as they grow up....

    Robyn Hardyman: Kayaking And Canoeing [2016] hardback


    Wherever you live, you're not far from the water. Kayaking and canoeing are amazing fun and great ways to connect with nature. To make the most of your kayaking or...

    Timothy Knapman: Book Of Blast Off! The 15 Real-li [2023] hardback


    We look out of our window at the dark and twinkling sky.It's full of stars and planets and there's comets whooshing by.We want to go and see them, there's so...

    Ben Brooks: Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different [2018] hardback


    WINNER OF THE CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE YEAR AT THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARDS 2018 & THE SUNDAY TIMES NUMBER 1 BESTSELLER___________'This book can save lives. This book can change lives....

    Matt Oldfield: Rashford (ultimate Football Heroes - The No.1 Football Series) [2020] paperback


    The Number 1 football series - over 1 million copies sold!This is the story of Marcus Rashford - one of the brightest young stars on the Manchester United books and...

    Matt & Tom Oldfield: Modric (ultimate Football Heroes - The No. 1 Football Series) [2019] paperback


    The No.1 football series - over 1 million copies sold!Luka Modric is the boy who overcame his small size to become the world's most creative midfield playmaker. During a childhood...

    Matt & Tom Oldfield: Saka (ultimate Football Heroes - The No.1 Football Series) [2022] paperback


    The No.1 football series - over 1 million copies sold!Bukayo Saka has the world at his feet. Since breaking through the ranks at Arsenal, the young forward has gone from...

    Eddie Robson: Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Creative Mode [2023] paperback


    Looking for a new things to do in Minecraft Creative Mode? This is just what you need! This book is packed with fun ideas for making new designs and constructions...

    Matt & Tom Oldfield: Vinicius Junior (Ultimate Football Heroes - The No.1 football series) [2023] paperback


    The No.1 football series - over 1 million copies sold!Hailing from a poor family, Vini Jr saw football very much as a hobby rather than a career opportunity. But there...

    Gareth, B.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D Moore: The Kids' Book of Crosswords [2011] paperback


    Addictive, fun and conveniently compact, this cool little book of crosswords will test word power and keep boredom at bay. With over 150 crosswords to complete, this little puzzle book...

    Alan Titley: The Tain [2023] paperback


    Queen Maeve's army is marching north to steal the great brown bull, the pride of Ulster. But one man stands in their way. Cu Chulainn, the Hound of Ulster, vowed...

    Jack Challoner: Iexplore - The Brain [2017] hardback


    The next incredible book in our Augmented Reality series takes you deep inside the human brain! Take a journey into the human body and learn how your brain works with...

    Dk: Children's Illustrated Atlas [2023] hardback


    Set off on a thrilling journey around the world in this incredible atlas for kids - packed full of beautiful illustrations and photographs.Discover the world map-by-map with this exciting world...

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