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    Good Medicine: Safe, natural ways to solve over 75 common health problems [2014] paperback


    This fascinating, practical book is for everyone who values a natural approach to health. Good Medicine covers over 75 of the most common health problems and offers simple things you...

    Patrick Holford Bsc Dipion Fbant Ntcrp: The Optimum Nutrition Bible: The Book You Have To Read If Your Care About Your Health: The Book You Have to Read If You

    $6.00 – $8.00

    Optimum nutrition is a revolution in health care - it means giving your body the best possible intake of nutrients to allow you to be as healthy as you can....

    Patrick Holford: Improve Your Digestion [2000] paperback


    You are not what you eat - you are what you can digest. This fascinating book outlines why good digestion is vital to your overall health and how you can...

    Patrick Holford: Improve Your Digestion [2017] paperback


    Health starts in the gut, your second brainIf you have digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion or heartburn after meals, or tend towards constipation or IBS - or you simply...

    Patrick Holford: Optimum Nutrition for the Mind [2003] paperback

    $4.00 – $6.00

    Optimum nutrition is a revolution in healthcare. Patrick Holford's first major book, The Optimum Nutrition Bible, dealt with the effect of good nutrition for the body. Optimum Nutrition for the...

    Patrick Holford: Optimum Nutrition For The Mind [2007] paperback

    $5.00 – $6.00

    OPTIMUM NUTRITION FOR THE MIND is the classic guide to improving your mood, boosting your memory, sharpening your mind and solving mental health problems through nutrition. The book outlines breakthrough...

    Patrick Holford: Optimum Nutrition for Vegans [2020] paperback


    We know that a plant-based, vegan diet is healthy. But how easy is it to incorporate it into our lifestyle? Are there any other steps that need to be taken...

    Patrick Holford: Say No To Diabetes [2011] paperback


    In SAY NO TO DIABETES, nutrition expert Patrick Holford presents a complete action plan for sufferers of type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes and the forerunner of type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome. He...

    Patrick Holford: Say No To Heart Disease [2010] paperback


    We have a 50 per cent chance of dying from heart or artery disease. However, these devastating diseases can be prevented by using a simple yet powerful medicine - food....

    Patrick Holford: The 5-Day Diet [2020] paperback


    Kickstart ketosis, lose weight, gain energy and transform your health in just five daysPioneering research has shown that a diet that is low in carbs and calories and high in...

    Patrick Holford: The Low-GL Diet Bible [2009] paperback


    First published in 2005 in B format as The Holford Low-GL Diet, this book quickly established itself as one of Patrick Holford's core nutrition titles. Patrick is at the forefront...

    Patrick Holford: The Low-GL Diet Counter [2006] paperback


    This is the perfect companion to Patrick Holford's bestselling LOW-GL DIET BIBLE. In THE LOW-GL DIET BIBLE, Patrick Holford revealed his brilliant weightloss diet. He explained how the simple principle...

    Patrick Holford: The Low-GL Diet Made Easy [2007] paperback


    Patrick Holford's revolutionary diet, based on balancing your blood sugar, is the most safe and effective way to lose weight. In this easy-to-read full-colour book, he highlights the basics of...

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