Looking for advice on how to raise a puppy? Do you spend your free time bird-watching? Our books have something for all fans of living things, big and small.

    Our House Is on Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis


    "A must-read ecological message of hope . . . Everyone with an interest in the future of this planet should read this book." --David Mitchell, The GuardianWhen climate activist Greta...

    Birds of South Africa


    The definitive photographic guide to the amazing avifauna of South Africa.South Africa - from the vast savanna of Kruger to the unparalleled richness of the Cape - is one of...

    50 Fantastic Ideas for Caring for Living Things


    A brilliant collection of activities for teaching children to care for animals and plants.The ideas in this book will enable children to experience the delights of watching animals and plants...

    The Tree Climbing Cure: Finding Wellbeing in Trees in European and North American Literature and Art


    Our relationship with trees is a lengthy, complex one. Since we first walked the earth we have, at various times, worshiped them, felled them and even talked to them. For...

    Homebirds: Days out Getting to Know Birds and Places Around Northern Ireland


    When Anne Marie McAleese invited birding expert Dot Blakely on to her radio show, Your Place and Mine, she had no idea that it would mark the beginning of an...

    Kew - Plant Words: A book of 250 curious words for plant lovers


    What was tulipmania? Where would you find a boreal forest? And why are fungi not plants?Exploring everything from algae to the wood-wide web, this brilliantly eclectic and beautifully illustrated book...

    On Animals


    'Every essay in this book is magnificent... Mesmerizing.' New York Times'How we interact with animals has preoccupied philosophers, poets, and naturalists for ages,' writes Susan Orlean. Since the age of...

    Wild Maps: A Nature Atlas for Curious Minds


    Which nations have launched which animals into space?Which countries have no sea views? Where were our planet's now-extinct species last sighted?Who is behind the great avocado boom? Where can you...



    WINNER OF BOOK OF THE YEAR, NARRATIVE NON-FICTION BRITISH BOOK AWARDS 2021Rediscover the natural world with the multi-award winning phenomenon and youngest ever major literary prize winner in UK history.'Miraculous...

    Everybody Needs Beauty: In Search of the Nature Cure


    'Beautifully written, intimate and intellectually fascinating' Nathan Filer'This book represents, genuinely, a moment of ground-breaking importance for how we think about nature, access and wellbeing in late capitalism' Dr Alice...

    The Arbornaut: A Life Discovering the Eighth Continent in the Trees Above Us


    One of the world's first tree-top scientists, Meg Lowman is both a pioneer in her field - she invented one of the first treetop walkways - and a tireless advocate...

    Invention of Nature


    WINNER OF THE 2015 COSTA BIOGRAPHY AWARDWINNER OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY SCIENCE BOOK PRIZE 2016'A thrilling adventure story' Bill Bryson'Dazzling' Literary Review 'Brilliant' Sunday Express'Extraordinary and gripping' New Scientist'A superb...

    The Falcon Thief: A True Tale of Adventure, Treachery, and the Hunt for the Perfect Bird


    A rollicking true-crime adventure about a rogue who trades in rare birds and their eggs-and the wildlife detective determined to stop him.On May 3, 2010, an Irish national named Jeffrey...



    The Boids are back in town ...The follow-up to the award-winning EXTINCT BOIDS, this book features more of the incredible art of cartoonist Ralph Steadman. This time the focus is...

    Extinct Boids


    Cartoonist and national treasure Ralph Steadman's unique take on a variety of extinct birds ...When Ceri Levy asked Ralph Steadman to produce one piece of art representing an extinct bird...



    Exquisite botanical artworks from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, feature in this luxurious gift book, encased in a collector's box containing 40 frameable art prints. Rare Plants explores what makes the...



    'Packed with beautiful images, recipes, remedies, meditations, fascinating ideas'. The Telegraph A beautiful, illustrated modern guide to nature for a new generation (including city-dwellers) and how it can impact our...

    Nature Writing for Every Day of the Year


    Enjoy a whole year of the very finest nature writing, with one carefully selected piece to savour every day.This beautifully illustrated daily anthology brings you the very best of nature...

    Trials of Life


    The third and final updated edition of David Attenborough's classic Life trilogy. Life on Earth covered evolution, Living Planet , ecology, and now The Trials of Life tackles ethology, the...

    Two for Joy: The untold ways to enjoy the countryside


    "I share Adam's love of farming and wildlife and I found this to be a fascinating and indispensable guide to our wonderful countryside. Makes you excited to get outside and...

    Fox and I: An Uncommon Friendship


    INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER"If there's one book you pick up this summer, make it this one." - Washington Post"A wise and intimate book about a solitary woman, a biologist...

    Beyond Supervet TPB


    In this inspiring, uplifting and heart-warming memoir, world-renowned veterinary surgeon Professor Noel Fitzpatrick shares some of the most personal and powerful tales ever from his life as The Supervet. Picking...

    RHS The Tree in My Garden: Choose One Tree, Plant It - and Change the World


    One tree, in one garden. Can it really make a difference?In RHS The Tree in My Garden, award-winning wildlife author Kate Bradbury reveals the amazing effect planting a single tree...

    Food for Free: 50th Anniversary Edition


    This fully updated special edition of the classic complete guide to the edible species that grow around us includes a new foreword from the author and a plate section with...

    The Secret Life of Fungi: Discoveries from a Hidden World


    _____ Fungi are not like us - they are entirely, magically, something else.'A lyrical, fascinating exploration of this weird organism' Scottish Field'A memoir oozing with wonder' Welcome to the...

    Cry of the Kalahari


    'A remarkable story beautifully told... Among such classics as Goodall's In the Shadow of Man and Fossey's Gorillas in the Mist' Chicago TribuneCarrying little more than a change of clothes...

    RSPB Spotlight Hares


    Spotlight: Hares is packed with eye-catching, informative colour photos and features succinct, detailed text written by a knowledgeable naturalist.With their wild glare, swift turn of foot and secretive nature, hares...

    The Glitter in the Green: In Search of Hummingbirds


    'Exceedingly well-researched and packed with fascinating lore, it should appeal to avid birders and general readers alike' - WALL STREET JOURNAL'As gleaming and mesmeric as its tiny subject' VANITY FAIR'Ever...

    Birds of the Lesser Antilles


    A portable yet authoritative guide to more than 300 of the most commonly seen birds of the Lesser Antilles.The Lesser Antilles - incorporating the nations of Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados,...

    Cornerstones Wild Forces HB


    BY THE WAINWRIGHT-CONSERVATION-PRIZE-WINNING AUTHOR OF REBIRDING Transform your understanding of the natural world forever and discover the wild forces that once supported Britain's extraordinary natural riches, and could again.Our precious...

    Wonderdog: How the Science of Dogs Changed the Science of Life


    How dogs defied science and changed the way we think about animalsWhat do dogs really think of us? What do dogs know and understand of the world? Do their emotions...

    Saltmarsh HB


    "Saltmarshes are often remote, inhospitable places, neither land nor sea, as hard to pin down as they are to navigate. In this saline odyssey, Clive Chatters has explored his favourite...

    RSPB ID Spotlight - Ducks, Geese and Swans


    Whether you are watching an Eider soar low over the water or listening to the iconic sound of a flock of geese flying overhead, chances are you will already be...

    RSPB ID Spotlight - Garden Bugs


    Gardens are often crawling with all kinds of garden bugs, and even the smallest plot can be an important haven for wildlife. But can you distinguish between a Garden Snail...

    Frozen Planet II


    ACCOMPANIES THE LANDMARK SERIES NARRATED BY DAVID ATTENBOROUGHFind a world of wonder beyond the ice. 'Looking down at our planet from space it may come as a surprise how much...

    Wildlife Walks


    The definitive guide to Britain's stunning wildlife heritage, showcasing more than 475 walks through the Wildlife Trust's forest, heaths, moors and woods. Published in conjunction with the Wildlife Trusts, Wildlife...

    Wild and Wonderful: Around the World


    Glow-in-the-dark owls, eggs boiling in Icelandic hot pools, the gangster tactics of the devil's coach-horse beetle ... Eanna Ni Lamhna has seen them all! Eanna explores the wonders of our...

    Thirteen Ways to Smell a Tree PB


    'My favourite book of the year' - Kate Humble, Radio Times'This is a book for literary connoisseurs, fact-lovers and environmentalists. In short, it is a book about trees and people,...

    The Sheep Stell: Memoirs of a Shepherd


    'One woman's gloriously lyrical account of life and love as a shepherdess' MAIL ON SUNDAY'Janet White's unfailingly enjoyable book . . . taps into a widespread feeling that we have...



    We talk about the weather a lot. It exasperates, confounds and on occasion delights us. Our national conversation is dominated by the weather, but how much do we really know...

    The Almanac: A seasonal guide to 2022


    *THE ORIGINAL & BESTSELLING ALMANAC*'Lia Leendertz's classic almanac never fails to delight' - The Herald'It's a perfect Christmas present' - Allan Jenkins, The ObserverA perfect toolkit for connecting with the...

    Where the Wildflowers Grow: My Botanical Journey Through Britain and Ireland [2022] hardback


    'A meditative, descriptive, easy-to-read book that's perfect for plant lovers.' - Irish Examiner'A delightful, soothing book, packed with enlightening information about the natural world and the threats it faces.' -...

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