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    Klop: Britain's most ingenious spy


    Klop Ustinov was Britain's most ingenious secret agent, but he wasn't authorised to kill. Instead, he was authorised to tell tall tales, bemusing and beguiling his enemies into revealing their...

    The Strongest Men on Earth: When the Muscle Men Ruled Show Business


    Strong men were the pop stars of their day, topping the bill before packed houses with their bizarre and often dangerous stunts. Their photographs sold in the millions and the...

    Fighting with Allies: America and Britain in Peace and War


    In this new and forward-looking edition of Fighting with Allies, former British Ambassador to the US Robin Renwick describes the roller-coaster history of the 'special relationship' between Britain and the...

    Abel: The True Story of the Spy they traded for Gary Powers


    The true story behind the events depicted in Steven Spielberg's blockbuster Bridge of Spies.On 10 February 1962, Gary Powers, the American pilot whose U2 spy plane was shot down in...

    Col (Ret.) Gaillard R. Peck Jr: America's Secret MiG Squadron: The Red Eagles of Project CONSTANT PEG [2012] hardback


    America's Secret MiG Squadrons is the story of a group of incredibly brave military pioneers who put their lives on the line to establish a training program that would prepare...

    Company Confessions: The CIA, Secrecy and Memoir Writing


    Ever since it was created in 1947, the CIA has been anxious about people wanting to tell its stories. Indeed, its effectiveness as an intelligence service hinges to a large...

    Lady Constance Lytton: Aristocrat, Suffragette, Martyr


    Lady Constance Lytton (1869-1923) was the most unlikely of suffragettes. One of the elite, she was the daughter of a Viceroy of India and a lady in waiting to the...

    The Last Victorians: A Daring Reassessment of Four Twentieth Century Eccentrics


    We of this age behold with amazement the sweep and range of the great Victorians. - Morning Post, May 1921 Ever since the publication of Lytton Strachey's Eminent Victorians in...

    Incomparable: Napoleon's 9th Light Infantry Regiment


    An elite battalion under Louis XVI, the 9th Light Infantry regiment were with Napoleon from almost the beginning, turning the field at Marengo and breaking the Austrians. They then spent...

    Peter Hennessy: Distilling the Frenzy: Writing the History of One's Own Times [2013] paperback


    One of our finest contemporary historians and a hugely respected academic and author, Peter Hennessy has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on and uses it to illuminate...

    Stephen Frater: Hell Above Earth: The Startling True Story of Werner Goering s flights against the Luftwaffe...and the man primed to kill him [2012] hardback


    Hell Above Earth tells the unforgettable story of two World War Two American bomber pilots who forged an unexpected but enduring bond in the flak-filled skies over Nazi Germany. But...

    Edith Cavell: Nurse, Martyr, Heroine


    Edith Cavell was born in 1865, daughter of a Norfolk vicar, and shot in Brussels on 12 October 1915 by the Germans for sheltering British and French soldiers and helping...

    Ian Gardner: Deliver Us From Darkness: The Untold Story of Third Battalion 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment during Market Garden [2012] hardback


    This follow-up to Tonight We Die As Men continues the story of the 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division as they dropped into Holland as part of...

    The Road to Victory: From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa


    On December 7, 1941, as the Japanese dived out of the clouds above Pearl Harbor, America's future was fundamentally altered. Ever since the first world conflict, the United States had...

    Joshua L. Chamberlain: The Life in Letters of a Great Leader of the American Civil War


    His life is a remarkable story of perseverance, tragedy and triumph. From an insecure young man with a considerable stutter who grew up in a small town in eastern Maine,...

    Backbone: History, Traditions, and Leadership Lessons of Marine Corps NCOs


    Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) are the backbone of the US Marine Corps. They execute orders and lead their fellow Marines into battle. NCOs are an important part of America's military heritage...

    Blitz Spirit


    As the bombs began to fall in September 1940, as homes were flattened and people emerged from cramped shelters and sleepless nights into barely recognisable streets, something very British happened...

    Mussolini's Barber: And Other Stories of the Unknown Players Who Made History Happen


    We have all heard about the great generals of military history, and those whose heroic deeds changed the course of war. This is not their book. Instead, this offbeat and...

    Year Zero: A History of 1945


    Many books have been written, and continue to be written, about the Second World War: military histories, histories of the Holocaust, the war in Asia, or collaboration and resistance in...

    Brief History of Khublai Khan


    His grandfather was the bloodthirsty Mongol leader Genghis Khan, his mother a Christian princess. Groomed from childhood for a position of authority, Khubilai snatched the position of Great Khan, becoming...

    Susie Hodge: The Home Front in World War Two: Keep Calm and Carry On [2013] hardback


    This book brings an era to life with vivid stories and information from those who were there. During World War Two, 90% of the British population remained civilians. The War...

    Special Forces Commander


    Special Forces Commander is the remarkable story of Peter Wand-Tetley's wartime service in the Army Commandos, the Long Range Desert Group, SAS, SOE and Parachute Regiment.Having initially joined the Wiltshire...

    Wittman Vs Ekins: The Death of a Panzer Ace (DVD)


    The story of two men destined to face each other on the battlefields of Normandy is told in this programme. Michael Wittmann was a knight of the Nazi empire, a...

    Gunther Pluschow: Airman, Escaper and Explorer


    Gunther Pluschow of the German Imperial Navy holds a unique place in history - during the First World War he was the only German prisoner of war ever to escape...

    Victoria: A Life


    'Writing about Queen Victoria has been one of the most joyous experiences of my life. I have read thousands (literally) of letters never before published, and grown used to her...

    Panzers in the Sand Volume One: the History of the Panzer Regiment 5


    In September 1939, the tanks of Panzer-Regiment 5 swept into Poland, a devastating part of the German blitzkrieg that opened World War II with a terrifying display of military force....

    Underground Structures of the Cold War: The World Below


    Books on the history of fortifications are plentiful. Medieval castles, the defensive systems of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the trenches and bunkers of the First World War, the...



    The assassination of political, religious and military leaders, often dictators, is frequently seen as the short cut to solving a particular problem. The author takes issue with this argument. Examining...

    Speeches that Changed the World


    From calls to arms to demands for peace, and from cries of freedom to words of inspiration, this stirring anthology captures the voices of prophets and politicians, rebels and tyrants,...

    Young Lawrence: A Portrait of the Legend as a Young Man


    T. E. Lawrence was one of the most charismatic characters of the First World War; a young archaeologist who fought with the Arabs and wrote an epic and very personal...

    Colonel Char Chesney: Waterloo Lectures: A Study of the Campaign of 1815 [2015] hardback


    'One of the primary texts on Waterloo. It deserves to be on the bookshelf of any student of the campaign'. Journal of The Royal United Services Institution Charles Chesney's Waterloo...

    William Urban: Matchlocks to Flintlocks: Warfare in Europe and Beyond 1500-1700 [2012] hardback


    In the early modern world three dominant cultures of war were shaped by a synergy of their internal and external interactions. One was Latin Christian western Europe. Another was Ottoman...

    Andrew Uffindell: On the Fields of Glory [2015] hardback


    'A highly recommended work.' Military Illustrated 'As compelling and absorbing an account of the fighting that I have ever read.' The Journal of The Royal Artillery This spirited history of...

    David Childs: Pirate Nation: Elizabeth I and Her Royal Sea Rovers [2015] hardback


    For all the romantic mythology surrounding the court of Queen Elizabeth I, the financial underpinning of the reign of 'Gloriana' was decidedly sordid. Elizabeth's policy of seizing foreign assets made...

    Ken Brown: Passage to the World [2013] hardback


    From the early nineteenth century onwards, millions of people left their homes to cross the seas. Some, like the convicts transported from England to Australia, had no choice; others like...

    Ed Vulliamy: The War is Dead, Long Live the War [2012] hardback


    The year 2012 marks the twentieth anniversary of the onset of the worst carnage to blight Europe since the reign of the Third Reich - the Bosnian War. A hurricane...

    Lee Trimble: Beyond the Call [2015] hardback


    As the Red Army advanced across Poland in 1945, thousands of freed Allied POWs - viewed by the Soviets as cowards or potential spies - were abandoned to wander the...

    Leslie Mann: And Some Fell on Stony Ground [2014] hardback


    A unique glimpse of the deadliest profession of the Second World War.In June 1941, Flight Sergeant Leslie Mann, a tail gunner in a British bomber, was shot down over Du?sseldorf...

    Jeremy Black: Waterloo [2011] paperback


    A masterly and concise reinterpretation of one of the seminal events in modern history, by one of the world's foremost military historians. The battle on Sunday 18th June 1815, near...

    James Hannam: God's Philosophers [2010] paperback


    This is a powerful and a thrilling narrative history revealing the roots of modern science in the medieval world. The adjective 'medieval' has become a synonym for brutality and uncivilized...

    Emily Mayhew: Wounded [2013] hardback


    Wounded traces the journey made by a casualty from the battlefield to a hospital in Britain. It is a story told through the testimony of those who cared for him...

    Ted Nield: Underlands [2014] hardback


    Not so long ago, our roads, buildings, gravestones and monuments were built from local rock, our cities were powered by coal from Welsh mines, and our lamps were lit with...

    Goran Rosenberg: A Brief Stop on the Road from Auschwitz [2014] hardback


    On the 2nd of August 1947 a young man gets off a train in a small Swedish town. He has survived the Lodz ghetto, Auschwitz, and the harrowing slave camps...

    Keith Reader: The Place de la Bastille [2011] hardback


    Epicentre of the Revolution of 1789, erstwhile bastion of the skilled working-class and centre of radical agitation, along with Pigalle and Montmartre a focus for popular and raffish night-life in...

    Mary Beard: Spqr W2 [2016] paperback


    The Sunday Times Top 10 BestsellerShortlisted for a British Book Industry Book of the Year Award 2016Ancient Rome matters.Its history of empire, conquest, cruelty and excess is something against which...

    Andrea Stuart: Sugar in the Blood [2012] hardback


    In the late 1640s, Andrea Stuart's earliest known maternal ancestor set sail from England, lured by the promise of the New World, to settle in Barbados where he fell by...

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