Contains the best books on history from around the world. We have a selection of books from all time periods and regions, perfect for any history enthusiast.

    Nehru: The Debates that Defined India


    'An important contribution ... Delving lucidly into the most significant ideological battles of the era, this book deftly outlines the thinking and dialogue that laid the foundations of the Republic...

    Straits: Beyond the Myth of Magellan


    SHORTLISTED FOR THE DUFF COOPER PRIZE 2022A FINANCIAL TIMES BEST HISTORY BOOK OF 2022_______________'Rigorous, deft and entertaining ... a sparkling read' - The Spectator'The ride is thrilling ... a work...

    The Holocaust: An Unfinished History


    'This vital history shatters many myths about the Nazi genocide . . . . surprising . . . provocative . . . fizzes with ideas. Even if you think you...

    Other Renaissance


    An 'essential book for 2023', as selected by the Irish ExaminerIt is generally accepted that the European Renaissance began in Italy. However, a historical transformation of similar magnitude also took...

    The New Silk Roads: The Present and Future of the World


    A brand new book from the Sunday Times and internationally bestselling author of The Silk Roads'Masterly mapping out of a new world order' - Evening Standard Revised and updated editionThe...

    A Royal Life


    'A pleasure to read... a timely reminder of the need for service' -- The Daily Telegraph'The voices and reminiscence of family and friends merge seamlessly, giving the impression of gathering...

    Hitler's Irishmen


    During the Second World War, two young Irishmen served in the armed forces of Nazi Germany, swearing the oath of the Waffen-SS and wearing the organisation's uniform and even its...



    Distinctive both in scope and approach, AFaithful Sea addresses a wide array of cases ofMediterranean interreligious tradition and identityin the Medieval and Early Modern periods. Withcontributions from leading specialists on...

    Thirteen Days in September: Carter, Begin, and Sadat at Camp David


    A FINANCIAL TIMES BEST BOOK OF 2014 PICKA TOP TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR PICK BY PUBLISHERS WEEKLYA gripping account of the 1978 Camp David summit when President Jimmy...

    Empress and the English Doctor The


    A TIMES BEST BOOK OF 2022 SO FARShortlisted for the Pushkin House Book Prize 2022'Sparkling history...with a fairytale atmosphere of sleigh rides, royal palaces and heroic risk-taking' The TimesA killer...

    Small Town in Ukraine


    'A fine and deeply affecting work of history and memoir' Philippe SandsDecades ago, the historian Bernard Wasserstein set out to uncover the hidden past of the town forty miles west...

    Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine


    FULLY UPDATED'A fascinating and often violent odyssey, spanning more than 1,000 years of conflict and culture'INDEPENDENTFlat, fertile, and fatally tempting to invaders, for centuries Ukraine was fought over by more...

    History of Ancient Rome in 100 Lives


    Discover the lives of the ancient Romans, pieced together from inscriptions, discarded letters, biographies and myth over two thousand years of history. The Roman empire witnessed a huge diversity of...

    The Last Wolf: The Hidden Springs of Englishness


    It is often assumed that the national identity must be a matter of values and ideas. But in Robert Winder's brilliantly-written account it is a land built on a lucky...

    KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps


    In March of 1933, a disused factory surrounded by barbed wire held 223 prisoners in the town of Dachau. By the end of 1945, the SS concentration camp system had...

    Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind


    Christianity is the most enduring and influential legacy of the ancient world, and its emergence the single most transformative development in Western history. Even the increasing number in the West...

    Forty Autumns: A family's story of courage and survival on both sides of the Berlin Wall


    In Forty Autumns, Nina Willner recounts the history of three generations of her family - mothers, sisters, daughters and cousins - separated by forty years of Soviet rule, and reunited...

    Viva la Revolucion: Hobsbawm on Latin America


    In his autobiography Interesting Times: A Twentieth Century Life, published in 2002 when he was eighty-five years old, the historian Eric Hobsbawm (1917-2012) wrote that Latin America was the only...

    If This Is A Woman: Inside Ravensbruck: Hitler's Concentration Camp for Women


    Ravensbruck Concentration Camp is the worst atrocity ever committed solely against women, but today the name of the camp is barely known. From Ravensbruck's earliest days, when Himmler offered his...

    Coromandel: A Personal History of South India


    COROMANDEL. A name which has been long applied by Europeans to the Northern Tamil Country, or (more comprehensively) to the eastern coast of the Peninsula of India.This is the India...

    Eavesdropping on Jane Austen's England: How our ancestors lived two centuries ago


    Jane Austen, arguably the greatest novelist of the English language, lived from 1775 to 1817. Her fiction focuses on the gentry and aristocracy, and her heroines are young women looking...

    The Riviera Set


    The Riviera Set is the story of the group of people who lived, partied, bed-hopped and politicked at the Chateau de l'Horizon near Cannes, over the course of forty years...

    Fractured Times: Culture and Society in the Twentieth Century


    Born at the turn of the 20th century and raised in Vienna, Eric Hobsbawm, who was to become one of the most brilliant and original historians of our age, was...

    Culloden: Scotland's Last Battle and the Forging of the British Empire


    The Battle of Culloden has gone down in history as the last major battle fought on British soil: a vicious confrontation between Scottish forces supporting the Stuart claim to the...

    Attrition: Fighting the First World War


    The First World War was too big to be grasped by its participants. In the retelling of their war in the competing memories of leaders and commanders, and the anguished...

    Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar


    Rome was first ruled by kings, then became a republic. But in the end, after conquering the world, the Republic collapsed. Rome was drowned in blood. So terrible were the...

    Black Watch: Liberating Europe and catching Himmler - my extraordinary WW2 with the Highland Division


    As a 19-year old Black Watch conscript Tom Renouf's war began with some of the most vicious fighting of the conflict - against Himmler's fanatical 'Hitler Youth' SS Division. It...

    Target London: Under Attack from the V-Weapons During WWII


    During the darkest days of the Second World War, the Allies listened intently to the messages of the enemy. Every whisper built a picture of the threat to come -...

    Rebel Cities: Paris, London and New York in the Age of Revolution


    London, Paris and New York in the eighteenth century, as today, were places where political authority, commerce and money, art and intellectual life intersected. They straddled an Atlantic world where...

    Ashoka: The Search for India's Lost Emperor


    India's lost emperor Ashoka Maurya has a special place in history. In his quest to govern India by moral force alone Ashoka turned Buddhism from a minor sect into a...

    The Savage Storm: Britain on the Brink in the Age of Napoleon


    Britain's defeat of Napoleon is one the great accomplishments in our history. And yet it was by no means certain that Britain itself would survive the revolutionary fervour of the...

    After the Romanovs: the extraordinary lives of Russian exiles in Paris between the wars


    A TLS AND PROSPECT BOOK OF THE YEARThe scintillating story of the Russian aristocrats, artists, and intellectuals who sought refuge in interwar Paris.The fall of the Romanov dynasty in 1917...

    The Golem


    The Jewish people of Prague are under threat. So the Rabbi creates a golem - a giant clay man - to defend them. But the creature rampages out of control...

    Who Was Who Volume IV (1941-1950)


    This volume of Who Was Who contains entries for people in Who's Who who died between 1941 and 1950. It has over 10,000 entries covering deaths during the Second World...

    Britain's Empire: Resistance, Repression and Revolt


    As the call for a new understanding of our national history gets louder, this book turns the received imperial story of Britain on its head. Britain's Empire recounts the long...

    The International Brigades: Fascism, Freedom and the Spanish Civil War


    'Magnificent. Narrative history at its vivid and compelling best' Fergal KeaneThe first major history of the International Brigades: a tale of blood, ideals and tragedy in the fight against fascism.The...



    After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy knew it would need vital information from the Pacific. After a meeting and a handshake agreement with Chiang Kai-shek, the Sino-American...

    Approaches to Global History: To See the World Whole


    This volume brings together 25 defining texts in global history. These pieces cover approaches to the subject from antiquity to the present century and, taken together, show the development of...

    A Cultural History of Law in the Age of Reform


    The Age of Reform - the hundred years from 1820 to 1920 - has become synonymous with innovation and change but this period was also in many ways a deeply...

    A Cultural History of Law in the Modern Age


    The period since the First World War has been a century distinguished by the loss of any unitary foundation for truth, ethics, and the legitimate authority of law. With the...

    A Cultural History of Law in the Age of Enlightenment


    The period of the Enlightenment was marked by innovation in political, cultural, religious, and educational ideas with the aim of improving the experience of human beings in society. Key to...

    A Cultural History of Money in the Age of Enlightenment


    The Enlightenment was a time of monetary turmoil and transformation in Europe. Change began with a riot of experimentation, including novel ideas about human agency and capacity to promote economic...

    A Cultural History of Money in the Age of Empire


    The nineteenth century was a time of intense monetization of social life: increasingly money became the only means of access to goods and services, especially in the new metropolises; new...

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