Exciting adventures and spooky stories make these children's fiction books ideal for kids. Open the door for your child to the magical world of reading!

    David Solomons: MY COUSIN IS A TIME TRAVELER WX2 [2019] paperback


    Luke's dad has bought a lot of gadgets recently and not one of them works as it's supposed to. Maybe it's because a machine-from-the-future is stalking Bromley, playing havoc with...

    Various: SUPER VEGGIES - W9 [2013] paperback


    When the postman delivers the wrong comic, Raymond is super sad. Can Mr Bloom and the other Veggies show him that Super Spud is just as good Captain Asparagus? Find...

    Darren Shan: ZOM-B Underground [2013] paperback


    The second gripping instalment in this amazing new zombie series, now in paperback.

    Enid Blyton: Three Bold Pixies [2015] paperback


    A magical selection of short stories including The Squabblers, The Runaway Apples and Silly Little Goofy. Each tale contains charming and loveable characters and there is always a moral to...

    Enid Blyton: Christina's Kite [2015] paperback


    A magical selection of short stories including Sally Simple's Mistake, The Proud Fir Tree, The Little Carol Singer and The Toy Soldier's Adventure. Each tale contains charming and loveable characters...

    Enid Blyton: The Magic Clock [2015] paperback


    This magical story collection will have children laughing out loud at the silly characters and cute storylines. This volume includes the stories of The Monkey's Tail, The Stolen Shadow and...

    Enid Blyton: The Little Lost Hen [2015] paperback


    This magical story collection will have children laughing out loud at the silly characters and cute storylines. This volume includes the stories of Billy-Bob's Coconut, Sammy the Scribbler and The...

    Enid Blyton: The Pig With Green Spots [2015] paperback


    This magical story collection will have children laughing out loud at the silly characters and cute storylines. This volume includes the stories of The Tin Whistle, Mrs Muddle's Scarf and...

    Enid Blyton: The Cat with the Feathery Tail [2015] paperback


    This magical story collection will have children laughing out loud at the silly characters and cute storylines. This volume includes the stories of The Broken Gate, Sulky Susan and The...

    Dav Pilkey: Dog Man 10: Mothering Heights W2 [2022] paperback


    Dog Man and Petey face their biggest challenges yet in the tenth Dog Man book from worldwide bestselling author and illustrator Dav Pilkey - now available in paperback. Dog Man...

    Enid Blyton: The Fly-Away Cottage [2015] paperback


    Joanna and Paul aren't expecting to find a funny cottage on their way to get some eggs! Find out the secret of this magical house and read all about Little...

    Enid Blyton: The Tower in Ho-Ho Wood [2015] paperback


    Poor little Mary Ann has a mean old stepmother who sends her out into the wood to gather strawberries. Out in the wood she finds a tower - but what's...

    Enid Blyton: The Ugly Old Scarecrow [2015] paperback


    The old scarecrow has a head made out of turnip, ragged trousers and sticks for arms! Peter and Jane are frightened of him. But is the scarecrow really as scary...

    Enid Blyton: The Strange Umbrella [2015] paperback


    Tip-Tap the naughty pixie is very lazy, but he gets his comeuppance one day when he borrows Dame Trip's umbrella without asking, and all sorts of funny things happen! This...

    Enid Blyton: Twelve Silver Cups [2014] paperback


    Jeffery is the fastest runner in the school and his mishap with his twelve, prized, gleaming, silver cups is just one of the tales in this entertaining collection. Discover the...

    Enid Blyton: Snicker the Brownie [2014] paperback


    Snicker the Brownie is always playing mean tricks but when he causes trouble for the witch-cats he gets more than he bargains for. Joining Snicker are Neddy the donkey, Peter...

    Enid Blyton: Big-Eyes the Enchanter [2014] paperback


    Big-Eyes is planning a wicked spell made of moonshine, starlight, the roots of mountains and much more, but when he misses his chance and messes up the magic he gets...

    Enid Blyton: The Teddy Bear's Tail [2014] paperback


    The teddy bear is horrified to learn that he doesn't have a tail like the other toy animals, but when he gets his wish he's still not pleased! The teddy's...

    Enid Blyton: The Rabbit's Whiskers [2014] paperback


    Mr Woffles is so proud of his fine whiskers and is mortified when the careless hairdresser cuts them off - how silly he will look at the teddy bear's party!...

    Enid Blyton: The Goblin Hat [2014] paperback


    The goblin's fantastic and magical hat makes him invisible so he can get up to all sorts of mischief. He's so clever and naughty that Mr Plod is still after...

    Enid Blyton: The Banana Robber [2014] paperback


    When John, Sheila and Mollie create a desert island in their nursery the bananas that they hang attract a surprise visitor. Join the three children monkeying around in this collection...

    Enid Blyton: Mr Twiddle Fetches Polly [2014] paperback


    Mr Twiddle never listens to his wife, with hilarious results! Follow his amusing adventures, meeting plump Mr Jolly, Tinker the playful dog and Grumbling Grace along the way. Giggle through...

    Enid Blyton: Mighty-One the Wizard [2014] paperback


    Mighty-One the Wizard has spirited away the king's daughter - will the King be able to get her back? Meet characters like Caroline the doll, Mrs Well-I-Never and Nippy the...

    Enid Blyton: Benny and the Giants [2014] paperback


    Benny's brave plan to save the princess from the giants' castle is just one of the unusual tales you'll discover in this magical collection. Make friends with little Shuffle the...

    Enid Blyton: The Wonderful Torch [2014] paperback


    George has got a new torch and the toys are so impressed by how he's managed to capture the moon's brilliant rays. But when Little-One the pixie invites the toys...

    Enid Blyton: The Flopperty Bird [2014] paperback


    The flopperty bird has a beautiful plume of tail feathers, and if you pluck one you can wish for anything in the world. But when the nasty witch hears of...

    Enid Blyton: The Enchanted Shoes [2014] paperback


    Even though his mother warns him against wandering in the hills William isn't a bit afraid of dwarfs, nor of giants, until one day when Thimble the dwarf captures him...

    Enid Blyton: Peronel's Magic Polish [2014] paperback


    Peronel the fairy loves to polish and he always makes everything in the king's palace so shiny and bright. But when Peronel concocts a new magic polish, he polishes too...

    Enid Blyton: The Smickle Smockle [2014] paperback


    One day Monkey makes the Smickle Smockle. A most peculiar animal, it has a small head, long neck, perfectly round body, wings, cat's ears and a long tail like a...

    Enid Blyton: The Magic Needle [2014] paperback


    Tricks and Slippy are tailors who make coats and cloaks for all the folk in Breezy Village. They are very lazy but complain constantly that their customers don't appreciate them...

    Blyton Enid: The Astonishing Ladder [2014] paperback


    Bong is such a good brownie, but his bad habit of borrowing is always annoying his friends in Peeping Village. When Bong borrows one too many things from his new...

    Enid Blyton: The Six Red Wizards [2014] paperback


    Since they moved into their castle in Mumble, the six red wizards have terrified the whole town. When Fum, their bad-tempered servant reveals the wizards' awful plans, the whole of...

    Enid Blyton: Well, Really, Mr Twiddle! [2014] paperback


    Despite trying his best to be helpful and kind, Mr Twiddle only causes problems and confusion: he forgets his New Year's Resolution (which is not to forget anything), locks a...

    Enid Blyton: Don't Be Silly, Mr Twiddle! [2014] paperback


    There seems to be no end to Mr Twiddle's silliness as he accidentally uses glue instead of toothpaste, finds himself trapped inside a snowball, and brings the goat and sheep...

    Enid Blyton: Mr Twiddle in Trouble Again [2014] paperback


    Poor Mrs Twiddle has to put up with more trouble caused by Mr Twiddle's silliness and forgetfulness. Whether he has sold his boots, instead of having them soled; has put...

    Enid Blyton: Hello Mr Twiddle! [2014] paperback


    Mr Twiddle is a kind old man, who tries his best to be helpful, but only causes problems and trouble. He plants a boxful of onions, thinking they are daffodil...

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