Democratization: A Thematic Approach


    Compare any two political maps, one from the early twentieth century and one from the present, and you will notice that the world now contains more democracies than it used...

    Interiors in the Era of Covid-19: Interior Design between the Public and Private Realms


    The Covid-19 lockdowns caused people worldwide to be confined to their homes for longer and on a greater scale than ever before. This forced many unprecedented changes to the way...

    The World and The Netherlands: A Global History from a Dutch Perspective


    This is the first book to examine the history of the country in a way that connects global processes to local developments. Taking account of social, political and economic dynamics...

    The Humanist Movement in Modern Britain: A History of Ethicists, Rationalists and Humanists


    Humanists have been a major force in British life since the turn of the 20th century. Here, leading historians of religious non-belief Callum Brown, David Nash, and Charlie Lynch examine...

    The Colonial World: A History of European Empires, 1780s to the Present


    The Colonial World: A History of European Empires, 1780s to the Present provides the most authoritative, in-depth overview on European imperialism available. It synthesizes recent developments in the study of...

    A Short History of Florence and the Florentine Republic


    The innovative city culture of Florence was the crucible within which Renaissance ideas first caught fire. With its soaring cathedral dome and its classically-inspired palaces and piazzas, it is perhaps...

    What Really Happened in Wuhan: a Virus Like No Other, Countless Infections, Millions of Deaths


    Walkley Award-winning journalist, Sharri Markson is the Investigations Editor at The Australian and host of prime-time show Sharri on Sky News Australia. The origins of Covid-19 are shrouded in mystery....

    Dark Waters, Starry Skies: The Guadalcanal-Solomons Campaign, March-October 1943


    Esteemed Pacific War historian Jeffrey Cox has produced a fast-paced and absorbing read of the crucial New Georgia phase of the Guadalcanal-Solomons Campaign during the Pacific War.Thousands of miles from...

    A Revolution Betrayed: How Egalitarians Wrecked the British Education System


    There are few subjects these days that cause parents more stress than the education of their children.In his new book, Peter Hitchens describes the misjudgements made by politicians over the...

    Mass-Observation: Text, Context and Analysis of the Pioneering Pamphlet and Movement


    This book reproduces the original 1937 founding pamphlet of Mass-Observation - the compelling social research project that ran for decades in the mid-20th century - with expert commentary throughout. It...

    Reporting the Second World War: The Press and the People 1939-1945


    The decisive role of Britain's wartime newspaper journalism in shaping public opinion and government policy has been majorly overlooked. Much of the existing historiography has framed Britain's newspapers as mouthpieces...

    Jihadism in Pakistan: Al-Qaeda, Islamic State and the Local Militants


    Pakistan is host to the largest concentration of jihadist groups in the world. Since the 1980s, the Pakistani state has been accused of sponsoring local jihadist groups and sending Pakistani...

    The Great Dismissal: Memoir of the Cultural Demolition Derby, 2015-22


    Veteran scholar and critic Henry Sussman deploys anecdote, reportage, and memoir to lament and scrutinize the rise of anti-intellectualism in the past few decades. How are we to reckon with...

    Churchill, Master and Commander: Winston Churchill at War 1895-1945


    'Masterful research, impeccable detail, with a beautifully flowing narrative of which Churchill himself would have been proud.' - Professor Peter Caddick-AdamsFrom his earliest days Winston Churchill was an extreme risk...

    Rebuilding the Postwar Order: Peace, Security and the UN-System


    Throughout the Second World War, a wide range of people, including political leaders and government officials, experts and armchair internationalists, civil society groups and private citizens talked about and formulated...

    Digital Voices: Podcasting in the Creative Writing Classroom


    As the most popular and fastest growing form of media today, the podcast is a vital tool for creative writing courses in their bid to become more dynamic, interactive, inclusive,...

    The Economic Statecraft of the Gulf Arab States: Deploying Aid, Investment and Development Across the MENAP


    This book is a study of a shift in the politics and finance of development from one centered in the institutions and ideas of the post-World War II global political...

    The Vanished Collection: Stolen masterpieces, family secrets and one woman's quest for the truth


    A charming and heartfelt story about war, art, and the lengths a woman will go to find the truth about her family. 'As devourable as a thriller... Incredibly moving' Elle...

    Seven Cats I Have Loved


    Anat Levit never considered herself a cat lover, but when her life was thrown into upheaval, she found herself adopting one cat at the suggestion of her daughters, and then...

    Figuring Out The Past: A History of the World in 3,495 Vital Statistics


    The numbers that tell the story of humanity'Vital ... If you're thinking about setting up a giant land empire in Asia, you cannot do so without this book ... If...

    Duncan Edwards: Eternal: An intimate portrait of Manchester United's lost genius


    NEVER in the history of the game has one life brought both joy and tragedy in such huge measures.Duncan Edwards was the jewel in the crown of the Busby Babes,...

    The Bronze Lie


    Covering Sparta's full classical history, The Bronze Lie examines the myth of Spartan warrior supremacy.The last stand at Thermopylae made the Spartans legends in their own time, famous for their...

    Insurrections: Education in an Age of Counter-Revolutionary Politics


    With this book Henry A. Giroux argues that insurrection has become a dominant motif for the USA and other countries torn between the promises and ideals of democracy and an...

    A Cultural History of Marriage in the Modern Age


    Spanning cultures across the 20th century, this volume explores how marriage, especially in the West, was disestablished as the primary institution organizing social life. In the developing world, the economic,...

    A Cultural History of Marriage in the Age of Empires


    This volume looks at how, during the age of empires (1800-1900), marriage was a key transition in the life course worldwide, a rite of passage everywhere with major cultural significance....

    A Cultural History of Marriage in the Age of Enlightenment


    Could an institution as sacred and traditional as marriage undergo a revolution? Some people living during the so-called Age of Enlightenment thought so. By marrying for that selfish, personal emotion...

    A Cultural History of Marriage in the Renaissance and Early Modern Age


    Why marry? The personal question is timeless. Yet the highly emotional desires of men and women during the period between 1450 and 1650 were also circumscribed by external forces that...

    A Cultural History of Marriage in the Medieval Age


    Marriage in Europe became a central pillar of society during the medieval period. Theologians, lawyers, and secular and church leaders agreed on a unique outline of the institution and its...

    A Cultural History of Marriage in Antiquity


    Marriage, across cultures, is often defined as a union between consenting adults that lasts for the life of the partners. But is marriage a blessing, or curse? Does marriage represent...

    Under the Swastika in Nazi Germany


    Under the Swastika in Nazi Germany begins in flames in 1933 with Adolf Hitler taking power and ends in the ashes of total defeat in 1945. Kristin Semmens tells that...

    China and Latin America: Development, Agency and Geopolitics


    Since the turn of the century bilateral trade between China and Latin America has increased by more than a factor of ten. In 2000, two-way trade stood at GBP12.17 billion;...

    Contemporary Britain


    The fallout from Brexit and Covid-19, ongoing political turmoil, economic decline and calls for a second Scottish independence referendum make for deeply uncertain times in contemporary Britain. What will the...

    Experiencing Poetry: A Guidebook to Psychopoetics


    How do we experience poetry as readers? What is it in the text that provokes particular reactions, and how can we methodologically reveal these effects?Introducing an evidence-based approach to poetics,...

    Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust: Language, Rhetoric and the Traditions of Hatred


    Appreciating the power of language, and how discriminatory words can have deadly consequences, is pivotal to our understanding of the Holocaust. Engaging with a wealth of primary sources and significant...

    A History of Germany, 1800 to the Present


    A History of Germany, 1800 to the Present is a commanding survey of modern German history that guides you from the turn of the 19th century right the way through...

    Soviet Critical Design: Senezh Studio and the Communist Surround


    Soviet Critical Design is the first book to explore the socialist design practice of 'artistic projecteering', which was developed by the USSR's Senezh Experimental Studio in the 1960s.Tom Cubbin examines...

    Sweat: A History of Exercise


    'I was riveted by Sweat and its extraordinary tale of the ups and downs of exercise over millennia' Jane Fonda'Does what all good history books should do: take the past...

    The Russian S-300 and S-400 Missile Systems


    An expert account of the development, role, and capabilities of the S-300 and S-400 air defence missile systems, key strategic weapons in Putin's Russia.Few modern missile systems have had such...

    Soviet Tanks in Manchuria 1945: The Red Army's ruthless last blitzkrieg of World War II


    A new illustrated study of the devastating, but little-known, Soviet armored blitzkrieg against the Japanese in the last weeks of World War II, and how it influenced Soviet tank doctrine...

    South China Sea 1945: Task Force 38's bold carrier rampage in Formosa, Luzon, and Indochina


    A history of the US Navy's remarkable 1945 South China Sea raid against the Japanese, the first time in history that a carrier fleet dared to rampage through coastal waters.As...

    Desert Armour: Tank Warfare in North Africa: Beda Fomm to Operation Crusader, 1940-41


    Robert Forczyk covers the development of armoured warfare in North Africa from the earliest Anglo-Italian engagements in 1940 to the British victory over the German Afrikakorps in Operation Crusader in...

    Afghanistan 1979-88: Soviet air power against the mujahideen


    The first English-language book to examine the crucial part air power played in the Soviet-Afghan War.The Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan was fought as much in the air as on...

    Mongol Warrior vs European Knight: Eastern Europe 1237-42


    Featuring specially commissioned artwork and maps, carefully chosen illustrations and insightful analysis, this book examines the legendary Mongol warriors and their vastly different European opponents. Having conquered much of Central...

    This Mortal Coil: A Guardian, Economist & Prospect Book of the Year


    A GUARDIAN, ECONOMIST AND PROSPECT BOOK OF THE YEAR'A superb book' Simon Sebag Montefiore'An empowering story of human ingenuity' Economist'Full of curious facts' The TimesCauses of death have changed irrevocably...

    Caesar's Civil War: 49-44 BC


    Fully illustrated with colour maps and images, this is an accessible introduction to Julius Caesar's Civil War.Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great were two of the greatest generals Rome had...

    A Short History of the American Revolutionary War


    The American war against British imperial rule (1775-1783) was the world's first great popular revolution. Ideologically defined by the colonists' formal Declaration of Independence in 1776, the struggle has taken...

    Nationalism in Modern Europe: Politics, Identity, and Belonging since the French Revolution


    Derek Hastings's Nationalism in Modern Europe is the essential guide to a potent political and cultural phenomenon that featured prominently across the modern era. With firm grounding in transnational and...

    New Order in the Gulf: The Rise of the UAE


    For over a decade now, thinking on regional relations in the Gulf has focused on the competition for regional hegemony between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Today, this perspective is outdated....

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