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    H G Wells: A Slip Under the Microscope [2015] paperback


    'I will go in, out of this dust and heat, out of this dry glitter of vanity, out of these toilsome futilities. I will go and never return.'Three disturbing, mysterious...

    H G Wells: H.G. Wells - The Collection [2018] paperback


    H.G. Wells's genius is perfectly shown in this collection of his most famous and enduring stories. From the eerily prescient visions of the future in The Time Machine to the...

    H G Wells: The Sea Raiders [2016] paperback


    '... slowly uncoiling their tentacles... and making a soft purring sound to each other'A disgusting account of a school of giant squid attacking a seaside resort, and two other examples...

    The First Men In The Moon (S.F. MASTERWORKS) [2017] paperback


    'As we saw it first it was the wildest and most desolate of scenes. We were in an enormous amphitheatre, a vast circular plain, the floor of the giant crater....

    The Invisible Man (S.F. MASTERWORKS) [2017] paperback


    H.G. Wells' great novel of the dangers of science describes a man cast out from society by his own terrifying discovery.THE INVISIBLE MAN tells the story of Griffin, a brilliant...

    The Time Machine (S.F. MASTERWORKS) [2017] paperback

    $5.00 – $6.00

    A Victorian scientist develops a time machine and travels to the year 802,171 AD. There he finds the meek, child-like Eloi who live in fear of the underground-dwelling Morlocks. When...

    The War of the Worlds (S.F. MASTERWORKS) [2017] paperback


    'No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's...'So begins H. G....

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